Making Plans

Delilah woke up with a splitting headache. What happened? She wasn't in her house, and where was Ryan?

"Oh good. You're awake." Delilah looked up into Lucy's face. Then she remembered. The fire. The fight. The kidnapping. 

"Chase got captured. I'm sorry."

Lucy nodded sadly. "It wasn't your fault."

Delilah sat up and looked around. "Where are we?"

"One of the few building in the village that wasn't destroyed."

Delilah got up out of bed. Despite her headache she felt surprisingly good. "Where is Ryan?"

"He is with the others. Arianna healed most of your wounds. We're going to the guild tomorrow to discuss how we are going to go about rescuing Chase."

Delilah picked up her sword from the ground. "We?" She had expected that and Ryan would leave after the battle was over. All they come to do was warn the guild about the attack.

"Yeah, the guild. We have to... Oh, you're not part of the guild."

Delilah smiled. "No, but we're coming with you. We still haven't gotten even with Revan." 

The End

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