Puppet of Seto

"You idiot!" I shoved him to the ground, "Revan you nearly blew our cover!" he got up quickly and dusted himself off.

"How dare you touch me," he spat at my, "I don't remember anyone making you the leader."

"It's not about a superiority complex you fool. I was going to get them in quietly, so they would hardly notice. That way we wouldn't have drawn attention to ourselves," a thought occurred to me then, "who even sent you? this was supposed to be a solo mission."

"Er, nobody. I decided to go on my own, it isn't prohibited you know," I held my right hand out to the side and a wormhole appeared in front of it.

"Are you going to make me force it out of you, I can be quite brutal," I threatened.

"Please, you know I'd enjoy a reason to beat you down Mariku, I have been waiting for some time now for that opportunity," inky tendrils drifted from the rift and grasped his forehead before he could stop it. His eyes bulged just like his veins. He screamed aloud.

"Tell me and I shall make it stop. Who sent you?"

"It was him," he croaked through the pain. Slowly however, he looked at me. It seemed he suddenly couldn't feel the pain. In fact his eyes were glowing, "the master, Lord Joseph, has imbued me with his power," he placed his hand on my chest. I felt a force there and I went flying into the wall. It cracked in several places.

"W-what the hell?"

"We are his new warriors, little Mariku, and we are ready to destroy this whole place. But there is no place for anyone to share our glory. You, the Cult, all of Josephs allies will be crushed along with this world!" Revan's back arched, his arms rent to either side as if they were being pulled. He screamed once more and a mist rose from his mouth, eyes and nose. I could barely keep concious as I noticed him collapse to the ground. So something had possessed him the same instant I tried to free the information from him. What was it? Some sort of new warrior unable to take a physical form yet? Something that was as of yet unable to materialise in this reality? If this was true, then that meant they were gaining a foothold. Once they came through, everyone would die.

So now there appears to be no reason to take sides. I fought the oppressive desire to let the unconsciousness take me. 

I fell onto my back and put all my strength into lifting my hand up. A small, flimsy wormhole appeared.

"Almighty Seto, I am your puppet, grant me thy strength so that I may do thy bidding," I felt a coldness wash through me. 

As if it was no problem, I lifted myself up from the ground. I barely had to nudge a finger to destroy a whole wall. Dust and fragment clawed at my lungs and skin but it didn't phase me. I punched at another wall and it fell down. 

Joseph was coming so should I help either side. Damned if I did, damned if I didn't. So why pick a side, when I could fight for myself. For my brother and my love. 

Two guards appeared wearing long brown cloaks and wielding large scythes. They struck the ground. The contact between runic silver and stone opened wormholes. Suddenly, blasts shot up from the ground from the contact, more blasts coming towards me. They struck me but none of it phased me. I knew my body would be bloodied and broken. I could tell my hand was shattered and my legs would be badly burnt now. I held up a hand and the two exploded. The blast caught the very hand that issued it. I entered the chamber were the boy was being held captive. 

He saw me and looked vaguely shocked at my appearance. My right arm was totally bone now. It had been busy.

"Do I save you or do I leave you here to die?" I had already decided that. I pointed at all the restraints and they all vanished.

"What the hell kind of magic is that?" the boy grumbled.

"I have sacrificed my body to become a servant of Seto. I have been working up to this moment for some time. This body is now Seto's, as such it is subject to all degree of peril and will survive 'till it is nought but dust. It is a combination of his and my magic that holds it together," geez I sounded like a true Cultist. But it was true. This was the only way I could have saved my brother. I was still me, still had my own power, but I was like a wooden puppet, my body being held up by magical strings. It was the ultimate sacrifice but it would be worth it if I could save the few I loved.

The End

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