A prison



I woke up slowly my eyes stung, and my head was ringing, and over all I felt horribly sick. Probably a side effect of...... I couldn't remember what happened or where I was. Where was I, and why did I feel like my arms were being pulled off. I gave a slightly pained groan. Shaking my head a bit hoping reality would just get a bit closer. One thing I did know was I was not in the guild anymore, and I was definitely not in good hands, because my movement was restricted. What the hell happened? 

After an unmeasurable amount of time passed my eyesight cleared leaving me with the lovely view of an open room, that was lit by a few torches, and was made of a dark looking rock rock, that had been smoothed, and polished well. From what I could see there was no natural light, and I was hanging in the middle of a circle with heavy looking restrictors that looked like Aria's. Still how I had gotten to this dark place was far beyond me. On the right I could hear quiet, and subtle footsteps going through an echoing hallway. Fear gripped at my throat as door opens and a well cloaked figure came in. I tried to force a wormhole but the restrictor on my arm began to burn as energy pulled through my body. My chest felt like it was going to explode. I screamed in pain as my arms burned.  I gave it a rest and hung loosely trying to not show that I was in any more pain.

"Welcome to the Cult of Seto, young Mr Spiller." The cloaked man said now removing his hood, revealing red eyes, and a young aesthetic face.

"Why am I here?" I yell.

"Our master believes you could be a threat or a potential asset. " He remained calm looking me in the eye.

" Like hell I will serve with you Bastards!" I spit.

" Hmm even if our great master threatens the most ultimate death upon you?" His eye raised.

" I prefer to die then take innocent lives." I retort.

"I wouldn't be so sure our master is very terrifying, even the strongest men will eventually break under his divine strength."

" Oh yeah, I bet he hasn't met me yet!"

"I wouldn't be to sure." He replied pouring a glass of water from a vase that I did not notice at the pace of the circular prisoner holding device.

"What are you doing here?" I sneer.

"Simply checking on you, seems like you have come to the realization that you cannot open any wormholes in here , so escape is futile."

"Great. I'm stuck seeing you every hour then huh? I bet if you let me down I could beat you down!" I say. He laughed his first emotional response. 

"Your guild rats have nothing on even the lowest levels of the cult of Seto, we won't accept trash."

"You better not be referring to me!"I said angerly.

" Yes , from what I heard of your miniscule power, I head your trash. I'm surprised my master has any interest in you." He sneered back, his attitude had changed rapidly, his eyes darkened," In fact, I bet your thinking your feeling pretty big of yourself to have gotten any interest from him. I should put you in your place." His voice lowered, and became much quieter.

In his right hand a dark red, and black wormhole opened. A violent smiled appeared on his face as the ground below the wormhole he opened  evaporated, and the black and red gasses began to form a whip. I couldn't tell exactly what it was but it acted much like a whip. He lashed out at me the air burned in its wake as it came across my torso burning the skin, and opening a wound. I held my mouth closed, but something was draining away from me as he went again, and again.


The End

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