A Terrible Reunion

Aria awoke, having been knocked out by a falling rock after the explosive attack by the flame wizard. She still felt a sharp pain on the top of her head. She touched it and felt something wet and warm...

Blood. Her blood. She was bleeding... a tear fell down her cheek. "How could I have let this happen..." She asked herself. She looked around, and found that she was stuck inside a cavern, created from the explosion. She shook her head. "How am I going to get out of here?"

"In pieces... sister."

Aria turned around, and there, standing tall, proud, and smug, was her twin brother.


"Nice to finally see you again... awake this time, too. It seems your body is getting used to the torment I've arranged..." A twisted smile spread across his lips. "I should remedy that."

"Why... why are you doing this? I'm your sister! How can you do this to your own sibling?" Aria asked, equally horrified and enraged.

"Why?... WHY?!" Alastor shouted, and a wave of icicles was sent straight at her. She blocked as many as she could, but one pierced her left thigh and she screamed in agony.

"I'm sick and tired of living in your shadow, sister. We should have been equals, as we are twins... but you were gifted with talent, you were gifted with power beyond that of someone your age... it made me sick to know that our mother would have loved to be with you more than her infirmed child! Do you know what that look on her face was... every single day?!" Alastor summoned a sword of ice, and started attacking Aria. She defended herself as best she could, but his attacks were relentless, and she was wounded. He cut her three times with his ice blade before kicking her in the stomach. "That look said to me... "Why couldn't you be more like your sister?"... can you imagine the pain I feel... just for looking at you?"

Aria coughed up some blood. She then realized that he was playing with her. He wasn't even trying to kill her... he wanted her to suffer so much that she would beg for mercy.

"Alastor..." she breathed heavily. "You know that... isn't true. She loved us equally. She never played favorites. We were her children. She loved you."

"SHUT UP, YOU DISGUSTING MAGGOT OF A SIBLING!" Alastor screamed. "You know she loved you more... it's written all over your smug little face!" He slapped her across the face so hard she was sent to the floor, tears streaming down her face. "I would enjoy to tear you apart piece by piece... but I think it would be more appropriate to return you to your so called 'friends'."

He grabbed her by the neck, and she passed out...


Alastor opened a wormhole and tossed Aria inside without a second glance. He then entered it himself, and returned to the battlefield. He appeared beside Revan, and stared down at Lucy and Blanson. A smirk spread across his face.

"Is this piece of trash what you are looking for?" Alastor muttered. He then tossed her down nonchalantly, and both of them opened their eyes with horror. He created a slide of ice, so Aria gently made it to the ground safely. "If I killed her now, where would the fun be?"

Revan turned to Alastor and stated, frankly. "That... was too much. Even by my standards."

"That's what seperates us, Revan. You prefer to destroy multiple people at once with your flames... I prefer to make them suffer until they beg for a forgiveness that will never come. The way I see it, you have no right to tell me what is or is not too far."

Revan stared back at Alastor angrily, and then Mariku Seto appeared beside him, and stared at Revan's handiwork. "Come on, let's go."

The End

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