A Failure


The white-colour beast stomped the ground before us with rage, forcing Ryan and me to back down. Ryan unsheathed his sword and allured a dragon to him, leaving the other one to me. Chase and Delilah were dueling the member of a cult. I clenched my fist, traces of faint cerulean surrounded my hand. The dragon leaped forward trying to pin me down with his claw but I jumped back and slammed my palm into the ground. The ground shakes and spikes are formed, traversing it and grazing the dragon's leg. The dragon lift flight and descended again with its raging blue aura, it opened its snout and a fiery ball of flames shot out of his mouth.

I dodged it, missing me by inches. He swatted his tail sideways, which caught my feet and unbalanced me making me plummet to the ground. His talon pressed down on my chest, cutting the ventilation to my lungs. His aura did not hurt me because my whole body was bathed in white light, an effect only white-mages were capable of achieving during mortal battles. This white light acted like a shield against attacks but it lowered down my wormhole activity.

I created another wormhole and crushed my palm against the ground, a sharp spike formed in the ground and pierced the dragon's talon. A loud screech sounded above me as the dragon reeled back in pain. It snarled at me, throwing me a flaming ball again. I covered myself with a slab of earth which I then send toward the dragon. The impact was minor, much to my dismay. How was I going to defeat this fiend with earthen powers? An idea formed in my head, with slim chances of success. I ran toward the dragon, jumping over his talons and dodging his assaulting head. Finally, I summoned all my energy into two wormholes and place my hand against the dragon's white, shimmering scales.

The dragon become inanimate and still as I petrified its scales like statue. This becomes the end of the white hunter of the air. Its immense body drops onto the ground and breaks. Its whole body begins breaking into tiny dust particles swept away by the wind, becoming nothing when it reached the sky. I look around me and saw Ryan kneeling on the ground with his sword as a support, his dragon nowhere to be seen. I scanned the whole area to find Delilah laying on the ground trying to fight unconsciousness. I ran to her, ready to heal wounds.

"Delilah, are you okay?" I asked, lifting her head and resting it in my lap.

"Yes," she whispered, "Chase, Chase, they took him..."

Chase. Dread took my heart captive as her words registered in my head. Chase had been kidnapped during the commotion of the battle... but why? This was a problem, I had to tell Blason about Chase being missing. I heaved Delilah, supporting her with my shoulder and wrapping my arm around her waist.

"We have to find the others and tell Shatlard about it," I said, limping our way toward where Blason's party was located. A feeling of disappointment cruised my body, I was one level above Chase but I could do nothing to protect him. Nothing.

I felt a failure.

The End

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