In Chaos and Darkness

I saw her once more after. A reflection in a pool. She stared out of her window and looked up to the stars. I wanted to reach out and caress her face like I used to. Then the fist punched the water.

"You need to forget her now, focus on who you are and what you need to do. Don't waste your thoughts on some puppet floozy-"

His words sent a thrill of anger down my spine. I punched him, tearing the skin around his cheek. It would scar, but he would remember never to insult her again. At first he looked annoyed. I thought maybe he'd throw me out. I was born to be alone. But he laughed.

"You have guts and loyalty. You just need to focus it on somebody else. Whining over her won't help her. You need to act. To be with her and to save your brother, you need to do what I tell you so that we can put an end to the forces that do them injustice."

"I understand that, just know that I'm doing this for me, not for you. Once this is over, I'm out of here!"

"I'm well aware of that. I'm sure the reward for your services will be great anyway," he smiled then. "Welcome to the Cult."

The fire blazed down town. This was the perfect time to act, now that the group were splintered and slightly weakened. Revan sure had been reckless and impulsive but at least he had done something right. After all, I was on my own here.

I landed on the nearest building. The boy, Chase, spoke to a girl with a sword. My spies told me she was Delilah. I surveyed them, sensing their powers. In the girl I felt little, with the boy I felt an undercurrent of pressure, but what lay on the surface was disappointing. A little way ahead there where what looked like Delilah's brother and another girl. Ryan and Arianna.

Their combined power was great. Possibly enough to stop me.

"Well, well..." I called out, they all turned round and stared at me. I could feel the heat all around as the flames raged, "I think it's time to break up this kindergarten party you're all having," I half smiled.

"Who are you?" Chase asked, "another Cult rat?" inside I felt a jolt of shock. They knew of the Cult, how was that possible? I kept my face a smooth mask of indifference. Impenetrable.

"You speak tough boy, for an Apprentice," I laughed mockingly, he sneered at me, "and what about you two? will your dear old master be joining us?" My smile grew. To be honest, I felt almost bad taunting them. Almost. "No I guess not, my friends seems to have taken care of him. Now I just need to finish you off!"

"Try it!" Delilah shouted. "You cold, heartless freak!"

I felt my mask slip for a second. A moment of recognition before it turned to disdain.

"Whatever, less talk, let's get this over with," I raised my hands in the air. 14 portals appeared simultaneously, they melded into two larger ones and from them appeared two dragons with white skin that looked more like banded plate than scales. Their auras where blue and was searing hot to the touch. I commanded them with a wave of the hand to get Ryan and Arianna. Meanwhile I concentrated on the other two.

"Coward, hiding behind monsters like that!" Chase bellowed. 

"Humph, I don't need monsters to take care of you," Delilah ran towards me. I held out my hand and a quick wormhole opened to summon a protective shield before me. "Now that's just unfair, you have a sword and I don't. Where are your manners?" I held out my hand. Another wormhole opened and a sword of pure chaotic energy manifested in my hand, "what, you thought I could only summon monsters?" I laughed maniacally before quickly dropping my shield and striking Delilah.

She blocked it, countered with a fast thrust. I dodged it but she came at me again and again. She went for a back hand thrust and caught my arm. In anger I kicked her backwards before Chase ran at me. I lifted my palm and summoned a wormhole at the same time as him. The chaos and wind struck, sending a powerful shockwave out. I shielded my face from the white hot air, the wind pushing me back. Before I could gather myself, Delilah was striking again. She was much better than I had expected. As I jabbed she poked her blade towards the base of my own sword and flicked it so that it jumped out of my hand. She was about to stab me when I pulled my hand into a claw. A wormhole opened in the ground and a fist of chaotic energy grabbed her. I clenched my own.

At this point, Chase had created a windy vortex around me. I felt them close in, felt the very gales trying to tear me apart. With my other hand, I opened a wormhole right on my forehead. I felt my vision change so that the world looked like a purple hazed. I felt my for shimmer as if it were clouds and felt the wind which beat it about. I pulled the wind together into a deadly typhoon of darkness. I moved towards Chase who closed his own wormhole, but the storm of darkness was already on him, sapping his energy.

"Seems you underestimated me," a booming laughter echoed over the pair. "Let that be a lesson to you..." I felt Chase go faint. I gathered my form together into a humanoid shape and changed back, " Chase, let me take you to my leader," I summoned a wormhole and a shadowed creature appeared, "take him under the cover of night, take him to the temple," the Demon moved towards the unconscious boy and the two became nothing but darkness that flitted away.

I approached Delilah.

"How does it feel to lose?"

"Pretty embarrassing," she winked and spat in my face.

"You insolent-" I tightened my fist, "-it's really a shame I have to leave. I would have enjoyed crushing you," I smirked again.

"You just wait 'till we meet again, you'll be sorry!" 

She reminded me so much of her that I felt sad for a moment.

"Next time we meet I won't let you live!"

I teleported towards Revan. I had unfinished business.



The End

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