Hell breaks loose



As we entered the town I couldn't help but feel this chill of being followed. I took a careful look around, and found nothing suspicious. I return my focus to the construction taking place where Delilah, and Ryan's Guardian had been killed.

"Well where do we start?" I ask.

"Well first I'm going to teach you how to investigate for traces of wormhole radiation, or other remnants left by opening a wormhole to see where this man has gone. If that fails we're going to ask around town if anyone seen him or her."

"Boring." I say quickly.

"That's ironic Chase it seemed like only moments ago you were calling this the most interesting mission ever. He said happily," Let's.."


A canon like flame exploded in front of us sending us flying backwards, looks like we didn't have to look for him! I Landed on my feet, opening a wormhole to blow away the debris and dust. People ran in every direction frantically as the violent battle began to unfold.  Blason ran up to my side.

"Don't do anything stupid, the cult of Seto wouldn't have sent someone that would rank on your level." The others gut up drawing blades, opening wormholes. I close my eyes trying to ignore them as I strained myself to listen for the opening a wormhole.

"Behind us!" I shout twisting on my heel, and blasting pillar of impossibly hot flames  causing the flames to grow but deflect backwards. Blason shot an array of ice that was returned to us as water.

Blason kept calm as he blasted the water back as a highly pressured blade. A blast of fire hit it both elements countered each other out.  A man jumped from the roof fire swirling around him like a large python. I widened my step ready for his next move Ariana put her hands to the ground, and earth shot out at him with intent.  the fire lashed at at it disintegrating it.  Delilah pushed past us ready to kill, Ryan  and I followed suit.

"Wait!" Blason cried out. 

It was too late as a wall of fire flew at us, I countered ,and held it way with wind, as it died, Delilah charged forwards, getting close enough to slice at him. He dodges her attack with ease, and opens up a wormhole letting out a whip of fire sending her back with burning close, and a serious burn. Ryan stood still frightened as he advanced on us. I leapt forwards using a current of wind to speed myself up as I opened two wormholes on my palms making my wind blades. A stream of fire heads up to Ryan but just before it hits him I manage to block the stream.  He smiles leaving the wormhole spewing fire opened as he quickly moves behind me. I couldn't move unless I wanted to be burnt, and I didn't have time to open a wormhole.  I closed my eyes only to feel some burning heat as Aria blocks the attack  with her sword.

"Thanks." I say opening two more wormholes to blow this one spewing flames away. Our opponent, distances himself away from us, and primarily watching Blason, who still stood quite calm trying to find out the right strategy of attack. He was to much like an old man in these situation, not sure when to strike.  We all stood still waiting for one side to flinch.

"This is ridiculous. Are you just going to stand there like the guild cowards you are?"  Delilah, and I both rush forward side by side. Flames came as he quickly moved out of the way for us only to meet a wall of Flames, I blast is back quickly as he comes up behind us. Delilah tries to cut him but he blocks quickly with concentrated fire. I open a wormhole behind him, and make focus a blast of wind to knock him over.  Finally a direct hit as blood spews from his back, and Delilah manages to cut his torso but he recovers quickly, and jumps up onto the roof. Briefly showing a smile of contemplation , and thrill.

"Good job guild mice, but I don't think that's going to happen again." 

"That's what you think you cult freak!"  Arianna and Ryan catch up to Delilah and I.

"I'm only getting started you insect. After this there is no way any of you will get close enough to wound me!"

"That's it Chase, we need to surround him, and hit him quickly you..."

A blast of fire blinded us, and deafened us with a dragon like roar. With instinct I created a vortex around us to avoid us from taking on the fire with our clothing, and skin. The fire died down but now the town seemed to be ruled by the hellish flame leaving narrow corridors of flame, and no sign of the freak from the cult, nor Blason, Lucy, or Aria.

The End

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