Every Game Needs An Audience

Alastor watched in partial disgust as Aria came walking down the pathway, surrounded by a few other wizards. "How... unprofessional. To let a magicless master into their guild was an act of pure folly."

He was also annoyed at Revan's actions. The hotheaded cultist had no idea what he was doing, how much this threw off not only the agenda of the Cult of Seto, but also his own personal vendetta. If he wanted to... he could easily destroy Revan with a mere wave of his hand...

He shook his head. His power was better saved for destroying his sister, not in dealing justice to a fool such as Revan. Besides, if he interfered, he would likely be a target to both Revan and his sister's friends, and he would rather deal with his sister alone.

Alastor cracked his knuckles and grabbed his staff. "Well, if Revan thinks he will be victorious through sheer power alone... then I have no doubt who will come out on top today... especially if he underestimates what my sister is capable of..."

Opening a wormhole, he created a chair formed out of ice and sat down, and a broad smile spread across his face. "Show us what you can do... Cadenza..."


Aria turned in the direction of where a sudden chill permeated the air around her... the eyes of something cold and heartless were watching her... and only her. But it was not a challenge directed at her... rather merely a spectator. But what would he be watching?

Aria shook her head. "Just my imagination..."

The End

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