Let The Games Begin

Revan watched them from afar, and grinned. So it has finally begun.  If he had listened to the rest of the cult and waited they would probably still be planning needlessly. He put a fresh plug of tobacco in his mouth and chomped loudly.

He knew that their time had come, so he attacked the house of Lord Torlin to get them moving. He had been an retired wizard, but lack of practice and old age made him weak and he had beat him easily. And now they would do the same thing to these wizards. He held out his hand and willed a small flame to appear.

He had always been fascinated by fire, its amazing beauty, its raw power. He had seen examples of its destruction in villages and forests. He was amazed at how much we needed it, how much it was despised. And he held it sacred. He and his powerful, hot-tempered mistress would lay waste to this town and everyone in it. He spat out the tobacco. Let the games begin.

The End

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