A Small Journey



"Alright!  A cool mission for once!" I say jumping off  the railing of wooden and river rock bridge.  I  overshoot the other railing which would mean a humiliating fall into the river, however I manage to grab on the ledge, and direct my body back onto the bridge deck. My fellow team members aside from Blason I snicker.

"Hey nothing wrong with enthuisiasm right?" I question them, with little response.

"Don't get ahead of yourself their Chase."Blason warned. I nodded, and slowed myself down so I could walk beside Arianna who was talking to Aria, and Lucy.

"Hey, thanks for healing these wounds earlier. If it weren't for you I would still be laying there in a boatload of pain.

"You're welcome."She gave a brief reply before returning to her conversation with the girls. So I decided to bring my attention elsewhere, Ryan, and Delilah walked between Blason and girls. For most of the duration of our walk to their burnt down house they have kept to themselves.

"Hey." I say catching up behind them," I know we were formally introduced by guild master Shatlard, but I think trying to meet people is best down informally. Name is Chase Spiller, and I swear I will do the best I can to take this guy down or help you take him down."

"Thanks." Delilah said, " But I don't think there is much I want to share with you at the moment Chase, I just want to make the cult of Seto pay."Her voice carried anger as she talked, while Ryan gave her a concerned glance, but said very little if he said anything.

"I'm sorry about that."

"Don't be its been a harsh time for you guys losing a family member is painful I would think...." I was interrupted

"He wasn't a family member but he was very dear to us." Ryan corrected


"Don't be sorry its in the past nothing could have changed it."

"I suppose so, I just hope for her sake we do not meet the man who committed this crime."He replied. I opened my mouth to say something but then Blason shouted," Stop."  

I run to his side,"Whats up?"

"The town is not to far off, I have a hunch the cult of Seto is going to start an uprising here to get a hand hold here. As you can see that the town Haelia is strategic because it has key viewpoint, and sovereignty over the surrounding terrain no army could possible sneak up on it. As well the fact that it has its own farms ,and supply of water that even under a siege no one would starve. Which leads to the fact their could be many agents from the cult of Seto. We're going to have to watch our backs alright?"

"Yeah, make sens." I say not really understanding all that Blason meant, but I understood we could be very well out numbered even mutters in understanding. 

"So I going divide us into groups if we need to split,  Aria,and Lucy  you're going to be with me,me. Ariana, and Chase you going to be Delilah, and Ryan. Chase don't let me down. Arianna make sure he doesn't go head first into battle, sorry to leave you with such a handful. "

"Isn't an apprentice classed wizard supposed to be with a sorcerer classed wizard during a mission?" She asks.

" Yeah, but Chase is the only person on this team that I know what is capable of, Lucy I'm unsure of. Aria is having issues opening wormholes so if she is stuck with me I might be able to help her open wormholes. As for you Shatlard has given me a profile outlining what we know about you and I'm sure you can handle things fine with these three. Chase you better listen to Arianna or I will turn you into ice cube man.  Oh sorry Ryan Delilah, I mean to apologize for making you work with Chase, but sword to magic combat isn't advised without a few wizards of your own. Anyway this is only if we have to split up. Got it all of you?"

"Hell yeah!" I shout.

"Then lets go."

As we began to move again I felt a wave of  excitment come over me, as well as small feeling of fear, I knew very little of the cult of Seto, but the name itself scared me. I was also scared to be bested in a fight by these Wizards.


The End

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