Aria's Song

Aria felt terrible. The pain was gone for the most part, but the emotional scars were still there: her own brother, her own twin brother... betrayed her. But why? And how? If memory served her right, she remembered that the last time she saw her brother, about a year ago, he was unable to walk, let alone be able to make contracts against her... what happened to him?

Aria shook her head. She would cross that bridge when she got to it. Now she needed to focus on the task at hand.

And yet... she was depressed. Was it the sheer inhumanity of the action that destroyed this place, or her own dysfunctional past that caused it? A tear welled up in her eye, but this time she kept it back. She told herself she would not cry. She would not appear weak... what was it her mother used to sing to her when she was feeling down?

"Oh, dear starlight, how beautiful you are, shining so wonderfully from afar. Know, dear starlight, that in our sight, we are happy that you shine your light."

Aria suddenly felt happier. The song was made by her mother for her... it was the only gift her mother could give her, as her time was mostly devoted to her sick brother. Deep down, she had always been jealous of her brother... how he always got to be with mom, how she cared for him and giving him all the attention... but then she remembered that it wasn't his fault that he was born so weak and frail, and if her mother stopped tending to him... he would die... but mother died last year, and she went out to look for someone to help her help him... but now...

Suddenly, a thought hit her... was her brother jealous of her? Was that why he did what he did? Perhaps... after being confined to a bed all your life... and watching a sibling who was able to run, walk, dance, and have fun with friends... it drove him into depression and eventually thoughts of vengeance formed in his mind?

Aria shook her head. Surely he wasn't that mad at her... was he?

The End

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