First mission


"Is it working?" Aria's voice broke the silence that had fell between us. My concentration snapped as I lift my head from her forearm and gave her a warm smile. Beads of sweat were forming in my temple, I gave her a kind smile and slowly moved my hand away from her wrist. Her formerly burnt wrists had new skin stretched over it, but as the skin inched closer to the wrist it had stopped.

"Looks better now," I said, giving her a slight smile. "It's not that great, only thing I could do was cover the scar." That was what I had been doing after I tended Chase's wounds, Aria was a special case for me and my curiosity grew with respect to her past.

"Thanks," she whispered examining her wrist, when she touched the limiters a shadow was settled on her face as painful memories rushed into her mental sky.

"What happened?" I asked kindly, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Have you ever experienced excruciating pain?"

I gave her a long look and nodded, "from pain you learn to heal." Memories tugged at my mind and pricked my heart as I make a retrospection on my earlier years of self-inflicted pain. In the past, I hurt myself in order to experience pain and learn to abide it with my white mage powers. During my multiple battles, death itself had lurk around my defeated body, waiting to take my soul away. But I healed and learned to forget the scars.

"I was sold by my brother to slavers who inhibited my magic and tortured me day and night until I had no energies left in me to utter a cry. I witnessed my apprentice being tortured to death and I was unable to spare  him the pain." Tears welled in her eyes and rolled down her cheek.

Her words stung my heart and widened my eyes in shock. If I had gone through a lot, it was nothing compared to Aria's past. I inched closer to her and closed her sobbing body into a full embrace.


I walked out of the stone buildings into the courtyard, making my way out of the guild. Upon reaching the gates, my path was blocked by Blason who stood before me with a stony expression. "Guild master Shatlard asked me not to let you go, he has something important to propose to you."

I gave him a puzzled look, "what are you talking about? I'm done with him, if I have to battle my way out of here, I will." I clenched my fist, summoning a wormhole.

"No need," Shatlard's voice sounded behind me. I turned around and saw him sauntering toward us, his hands on his back, there was a young girl and boy dressed in working clothes trailing behind him. Their face was smeared with ashes and their clothes were half burnt, their expressions solemn and determined. "Hello Arianna. I see you've done a great job with my apprentice."

"What is it this time?" I asked him, "don't you have better things to do than stop a white mage from going home?"

"Something just came up," he said, beckoning me to follow him. I did reluctantly. "These kids, Ryan and Delilah, work for a dear friend of mine, Lord Torlin. They came with the news that his house was burned down and he was murdered."

My eyes grew in bewilderment. How could that happened here in Gaesnia where peace reigned throughout the city. "Do you know who did it?"

"The cult of Seto," Ryan spat.

"I am organizing a party of wizards to go there right now," Shatlard continued, "I want you to join us."

My brow furrowed in confusion at his words. "Why would you want me to?" I asked, "I am not a proper Mage wizard and you've done a great job pointing that out several times."

"Take it as a test to acquire the acceptance to my guild," he said with a sliver of contempt in his voice, "it will also bring some income to your household. Healing out of goodness and charity doesn't bring enough food to the table, does it?" He mocked.

I glowered at him as a tense environment settled around us. "Fine," I replied.

"Good," he said, "you are the last member of the assembled team." As we neared the centre of the courtyard, I could see a couple of people. Chase, Aria, Lucy, and Blason were standing there. "This will also be a trial for our two newest members," he said that explicitly to Aria and Lucy.

Before the sun could reach the highest peak of the sky, we set foot toward the direction of the house of Lord Torlin.

The End

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