Down in Flames

As they came towards me I teleported away. I thought I was safe. I rested a minute. Feeling your body twist to the contorts of space and time was an exhausting affair that I couldn't get the hang of. I was near the boundaries of the city, ready to flee for my life. But just one second was all I needed.

They stood all around me, wormholes in the air. I knew I was beaten then and their, so I didn't bother with stupid magic. I jumped the guy in my way and pounded his face a couple of times 'till he couldn't see. I started to run ahead, gained some ground.

"So where were you Marik?" one guy shouted, "you know that when you leave, we'll torture the girl, we'll make her squeal more than you ever could," a few of them laughed and I felt sick. That was exactly why I left her. I knew that they didn't know who I'd been to see, but I wanted to scar their minds so bad that they'd never dream about hurting someone I loved.

I turned around and summoned more wormholes than I ever had. From them came the Legendary Fiend. I did it with such ease I surprised myself. The Fiend rushed straight for them. They summoned their fire as quickly as they could but it had already knocked three guys flying in one swing. The monster glowed with a sickly light which it shot out in all direction, severely burning others. The remaining two guys, the most powerful two, had sent the attack. The Fiend groaned under the intense power. It would have sustained but at that moment, several guards from the gate had seen me.

I was blasted in the back by someone and fell face forwards. 7 people began hitting and kicking me. Somebody picked me up and punched my in the ribs 'till they broke.

"LET HIM GO!" I tried to turn round to see who it is but it hurt too much. Not that I needed to. I recognised the voice of my own brother. 

"D-don't..." I coughed up blood. 

"What was that M?" they guy who now held me was the one who had shouted the threat. Valar, who I used to call Valary. Back when I gave a damn about the Guild, "huh?" he punched me again. I didn't groan or moan, I wouldn't let him see me suffer even though I clearly was, "you're brothers dead meat, and if you do  manage to flee, I'll make sure he suffers!"

Suddenly, 16 wormholes opened up as my brother let loose a torrent of batlike creatures that attacked the gathering. I looked at him. Do I leave him behind or do I stay and fight. Fighting wasn't an option, I was too roughed up. But I couldn't leave him for them. I don't know how many wormholes I opened up, I knew it was alot. But several shades appeared, these shades moved towards each of the Wizards and began feasting on their minds.

"I'll see you around kid," my brother nodded, sweat beading his forehead. HE managed to open up a few more wormholes. 

I teleported right inside the Temple of Seto.

"You came to the right place," somebody said, "We are the Cult of Seto, no don't be alarmed. We stand for what the God Seto believes, True Justice, Power to those that deserve it and... well destruction," he called for aid, "what's your name?"

"M-Mariku S-Seto..." I gasped.

"I think you'll fit right in, Son of Seto," he smiled.


The Guild wasn't that far away now, I could see it just beyond the wealthy houses, and a little distance away stood the Governments house.

"Thanks again, J0n, for letting me use your house," I muttered.

"You've helped me many times Marik, I owe you," he smiled up. His old wrinkled face lit up with happiness that he was repaying a debt. He was one of those White Mages.

"Alright, no need to get all soppy," I rolled my eyes, my mind whirring with plans.

Suddenly there was a flash of light. A house lit up in a storm of flames.

"Oh dear, that's Young Dels and Ryans house, I know them... who would do such a thing?"

"Revan... but what the hell is he doing here?" 

Jon came to my side quickly, "Marik, you have to help them, they are good people."

"Sorry old friend, but it's not like my character to help others. I help myself."

"Your brother, would you let him die?"

"No," I turned on him then, gave him the darkest look I'd given anyone, "that's different!"

"Why, because he's got something to do with you? Because it's a personal attack on you?"

"That... and because he's only 12!"

"You wont help them then?"

"I have a job to do," and this may work in my favour. But I didn't dare say that.

The End

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