"Delilah, don't do this!"

"I have to, Ry!"

Delilah placed her possessions in a burlap bag and tied it with string.

"Someone has to tell the mages' guilds what happened!"

"But Delilah, this isn't a game. It's dangerous."

"Then come with me."

Silence. It had been several days since Lord Torlin had been killed. Kalin had taken over leadership and they were rebuilding the house. The will said that the property was theirs but Delilah couldn't stay. She felt it was her duty to go to town and warn them and she couldn't understand why her brother didn't feel the same way. Delilah packs a few loafs of bread and a flask of water, then turned to Ryan.

"Sorry, Ry, but I have to go." She put her sword in her scabbard, which she no longer had to hide, and walked out into the night. The town was about a couple of miles away and it would take awhile before she got there. The more she walked, the more alone she felt. She began to wish Ry was with her...

"Delilah, wait!"

She turned and saw her brother hauling a bag over his shoulder.

"I'm coming with you," he shouted, catching up with her.

She grinned and they walked off together.

The End

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