The Torturing Rose

Elsewhere, where Aria met Lucy that very morning...

"I'm sorry, boss... it seems she escaped..." A slaver spoke to a man dressed in blue robes and white hair. Despite his skinny frame, the muscular slaver shivered in fear of the figures response.

"I see... it seems you can't be trusted to do your job right..." The man muttered in a disgusted tone. "I practically dropped her in your laps, and you still managed to screw this up... You do realize that you will not be receiving the agreed upon wage for her capture, correct?"

"But... boss... we figured that we could make a pretty penny off of her... she had such a lovely frame, and her muscles were very well defined... she would have made an excellent slave on the auction block." The slaver answered, hoping to alleviate his benefactor's ire.

"Am I to understand that you deliberately attempted to sell her... instead of breaking her spine like I told you to do?" The man's eyes, a pure, ghostly white, stared at the slaver boss with a piercing gaze. "You thought you knew better than I did?"

"No, boss... it's just... I thought-"

"NO, YOU DIDN'T THINK AT ALL!" The man finally snapped. He grabbed the slaver by the throat and summoned a wormhole. Out came an icicle the size of a dagger. "You intentionally thought you could sell Aria off... did it not occur to you that she would escape and eventually return to kill you, and possibly make one of you squeal about the contract I made with you?! You failed to listen to my commands..."

The slaver's eyes opened wide as the man brought the sharp icicle next to his ear. "Since you refuse to listen, I really don't think you'll be needing your ears."

The next moment, the slaver was on the ground, hands over bloodied stumps on the side of his head, and his bloody ears held in the hand of the torturer. A wicked smile curled upon the torturer's lips. "This is what happens to those who fail to understand their position. Remember that... if you live through the shock of the loss of your ears."

The slaver couldn't hear him... all he saw was the man stabbing his ears together on an icicle, throwing it into the woods, and turning to walk away. He grabbed the man's robes. "Please... don't..."

He never finished his sentence. He was immediately impaled by a huge icicle that grew from beneath his belly, killing him in a quick yet painful manner. The executioner turned to the other slavers. "Remember... those who fail to follow the orders of either the myself, Alastor Kahner, or the Cult of Seto, will meet with a similar fate... an incredibly painful death."

The End

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