Under Attack

Delilah opened her mouth in surprise. Soon the guard was there, scrambling for water and shouting at one another. But as Delilah watched she began to wonder whether they were really pouring fuel on the fire. 


Her brother turned to her, his face covered in ashes.

"His Lordship is in there!"

Ryan shook his head. "The fire is too hot! We can't get in! The best we can do is... Delilah come back!" Delilah ignored him and ran into the burning building. The heat and smoke sent her reeling but she fought her way through the halls and falling debris to the place where she thought her masters' bedroom to be. It was then that she heard the voices.

"Your time is up, old man."

"You may defeat me but you will never succeed!"

She heard the man laughed. "We have grown powerful, and soon you shall see its full extent."

There was a deafening bang and the fire went out. Delilah went into the room and found her master staring at her with unseeing eyes. And burned into his chest was the head of a wolf, its mouth twisted into a sneer. The sign of Seto.

The End

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