I opened my eyes the pain disappearing, above me a girl Maroon eyes,and dark hair, I went to say thank you but she had turned her head to say to someone, "He'll be fine after a few hours rest."I could tell in her voice she wasn't brought here under good terms.

"Thanks." I say but she was turning to talk to Aria who didn't look to happy, I hope she didn't think that was her fault.  I tried to listen in on their conversation but they happened to be out of earshot. I rolled over to notice Shatlard sauntering up to me. I didn't mind the guy but at the same time something about me feel like I should be weary of him. He had a sort of way of manipulating people or getting what he wants.

"Good sleep son? Quite an improvement you've made of late. I'm guessing Blason was a good choice after all, has he taught you how to cast spells or ice?"

"No sir, we've been working on improving my casting abilities, but now it seems I can't go a day without overloading my bracelets."

"Yes seems troublesome, I've called in a few specialist they are going to analyze your wormholes, and see what should be done."

"Thanks sir."

"No problem perhaps the bracelets have been hampering your abilities to begin with."

"Perhaps." I mutter.

"Anyways I've got to go a fellow master is on his way  here , and I have some previously made arrangements. But I'll be present when your tests begin in a few hours."

"What?"  I say exasperated but he was gone. I had a feeling what he was doing was banine for now but I had a slight feeling I will be having to watch my back if he continues on. 

I stood in an underground room watching a clock hit two 'o' clock exactly across the room two wormhole specialists setup equipment, the piece of equipment that caught my attention was the the big hoop with lots of antennas poking towards the middle like spokes.  I had guess I was going to have to open a wormhole in their, but I wondered how would the equipment would survive the radiation surge.  Oh well not my problem if I destroy their equipment, I hoped.

"Alright, Chase is it?" One of them say.

"Yeah." I reply confidentially.

"Alright its pretty simple really we're going to need you to open a wormhole up in this loop here, and your going to have to hold it as long as were going to need. Also are going to be monitoring your arms with these." A girl with long blond hair says with a pair of gauntlets," Don't worry they won't explode they aren't going to be limiting your energy output to the wormholes to help shield your from radiation. Their simply going to analyze your energy, and maybe occasionally limit some of your energy to see what happens. But not enough to explode. Is that okay?" 

"Yeah, I'm not scared." I say.

"Alright then lets put these on then." She says opening the two golden gauntlets up opening from the middle, and letting the half of the gauntlet rest on a hinge. Without hesitation put them on and feel them up before nodding my approval.

"Tell me when to open up my wormhole."

"Whenever your ready." She smiles.

"Alright!" I say enthusiastically thrusting my right hand in front of me I open my silky silver wormhole up in the loop, lights powered on the scientist gasped at the strange silver colour commenting on the strangeness of it. I smiled proudly fore a few minutes before succumbing to boredom.  My eyes and focus drifted across the underground room noticing that it seemed to have endless hallways of books, and old relics of the past.

"Wow this utterly amazing, I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I had to recheck the math, and the results, but its the truth!" A scientist calls out loudly obviously excited.

"What is it Mark?"

"Well I was reading this the radiation  of the wormhole is out zero rads, and has no fluctuation levels at any interval of radiation. And here it reads exactly what a theoretical wormhole equation would look like."

"You mean Moira Cataclyst's theoretical equation of a perfect wormhole?"

"Yup, I bet you think that's impossible but look!" The specialist said still excitedly." The team piped down for a bit blankly reading the results, to my right I look at Shatlard who had a Cheshire grin. What is I perfect wormhole anyways?

"Well that is simply amazing." The girl said.

"Yeah, the boy would only be restricting himself using bracelets, and no wonder they overload or blow up on him the energy needed to make a perfect wormhole shouldn't be restricted."

"Explaining why he had problems making any use of his wormholes, but now he pouring more energy into the wormholes the pull of energy from the restricters are overloading them."

"Simply incredible." I was feeling pretty good about myself I don't think I have every heard such flattery about myself before.

"Alright that's about enough marvelling People, we've got our answers now."  Shatlard breaks in," Thank you for coming.

"No thank you for giving us the opportunity to discover." I went to close the wormhole but as it closed something strange happened the loop began to spark and catch fire as the wormhole seemed to tear away the metal. I shut it completely as the team of scientist rushed in to stop the fire quickly with wormholes, and fire extinguishers. How did I do that?

"Well that was easy, we don't have to have a bracelet custom fitted to your needs." Shatlard said happily.

"Thinking about that, can they do anything for Aria? She can't open up wormholes because of the limiters someone has put on her." I ask.

"I wouldn't know." Shatlard said with some anger turning on his right, and disappearing in a wormhole.

What was that about?


The End

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