Request for Cooperation


"Stupid kid," Shatlard muttered as he watched the feeble doctor cleaning up the wounds and cuts from the unconscious boy with crimson hair. His foreboding had been assertive, this boy carried great power withing him, he had overloaded two bracelets. "We need to get his wounds healed faster."

"Sir, that will be impossible," Blason said. "A wizard is not capable of producing an ailment to wounds and cuts..."

"I am not talking about a wizard, I need a White Mage," Shatlard retorted. "I have plans for the kid in a couple of days, I need him fully healed and healthy."

"A White Mage? Are you thinking of bringing Necradar in, sir?"

"No, he won't come, not with pleas nor fortune will he ever set a foot on a guild. Besides, he is too old to accomplish anything nowadays."

"Do you have somebody else in mind, sir?"

"Yes." He left the room without any further words.


"I am sure your son's fever will go down in a couple of hours,"

"Thank you so much," a woman took my hand in between her smooth hands, a stray tear running down her cheek. "Without you, he would've died."

I gave her a warm smile, placing a hand on her shoulder and assuring her of her son's safety and health. "If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to look for me."

"I will, I will," the woman said and returned to her shabby dwelling.

This morning I had been called upon by a tearful mother to aid her son from dying. They were a poor family and couldn't afford the medicine from the apothecary of Gaesnia. Their last resort was to ask for the help of a healer. I brew some tea for him from the herbs I found in the well-known forest and left some more to the family. I pulled back my sleeve to check on my silver bracelet, it was far from overload, it has remained unchanged for almost a year.

I walked the stony and cobbled path downhill to the forest, a rustle of leafs behind me captured my attention. I turned around and was hit by a wall of wind produced by a grey wormhole. My foot gets caught in between the stones and I lost my balance. I tumbled and rolled downhill until I finally hit the ground.

I stand up and tightened my fist, creating a wormhole the size of my palm, and waited for my enemy to attack me again. A gush of wind blew on my side, I quickly turned and slammed my hand on the ground creating dirt spikes to block off the attack. From behind, I felt chains wrapping around my waist and pulling me off flying into the air. I fall in the ground hard, the chains snaking off my waist. I coughed, brushing dust from my face, I was facing two people.

I created two wormholes, each on one hand, and pressed them against the ground. The ground shakes as the roots from the forest comes to life, trudging forward to locate my enemies. They were nowhere in land to be sensed, I stand up, tilting my head upwards and nothing was there. A deafening sound misses me by inches when I saw the flash of lighting fall behind me. My heart raced as I concluded it was a three to one duel and probably they were hidden somewhere. I was standing in an open space, my chances of survival were minimal so I did what instinct dictated me to do: Run.

I sprinted toward the trees where I thought I had a better chance of winning. Chains wrapped my legs and I fell on the ground, like a crumbling tower: weak and feeble. The chain snakes it way up and bonds my arm together. I thrashed and tried to wriggled free, clenching my teeth. Pride prevented me to call for help and the fact that the chains were becoming tighter drained my struggling energies.

I felt a shadow above me as a man knelt before my body, his finger lifted my chin to him. I saw his face and glowered at him, jerking my face away from him. He snapped his fingers, the chains were immediately loose and I was free.

"Now, don't try fighting or running away," he whispered, taking my arm to help me stand up.

I wrenched my arm from his grasp and turned to leave but was blocked by two burly-looking teenagers. "What is this?" I demanded, turning back to the man who was older than those two.

"We are here to ask for your cooperation," he said. "We are in need of your healing abilities."

"Is that your idea of getting people to help you out?" a sarcastic edge on my voice.

"We were afraid you won't cooperated," he continued, "we are part of a wizard's guild, we can offer you assistance and training and whatnot."

"A guild?" I scoffed, crossing my arms, "I don't need a guild."

One of the teens snorted, "yeah right. You can't even do wormholes worth a fight."

I seethed. "What guild is this, requesting the help of a mage wizard who, according to you,  can't cast 'wormholes worth a fight'?"


"Never!" I yelled. Tears welled in my eyes as I remembered the pain Shatlard had inflicted on my wrist.

"We can help you progress in your magic," he said. He sounded more commanding than pleading, I knew that if I did not accept I was going to be hold all day. Reluctantly I accepted.

I was brought to the guild, a massive stone structure housing many types of wizards within its walls. I was directed to the infirmary, that was deserted except for an old doctor and a wounded boy with crimson hair. Standing beside them was Shatlard, who nodded at me in a greet.

I cringed when I saw him.

"He is the boy, heal him," Shatlard ordered, "I recently discovered you were Necradar's granddaughter, if I had known it earlier I wouldn't have just broken your wrist..." There was a twisted smile on his face, I wondered why was I doing this.

I shook all fear away and placed a hand on the boy's wound, healing the deeper ones first. A white light enveloped the wound, new skin stretched to cover the open cut. I felt jealous, he was able to overload his bracelets in a fight, something that I hadn't done in more than a year. I quieted my thoughts as I saw him regaining consciousness.

The End

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