"Hang on!" I say, seeing the girl," You want to be treated fair then, I will treat you like an equal. Come on " By now there was a crowd around the two of us , she looked up her eyes seemed to show that her spirit was broken, but also something was there. I felt pity and a longing to reach out to her, I wasn't exactly sure how she was feeling, but I knew how it felt to be next to powerless, being ignored for being weak.

"Chase." Blason says from the crowd.

"Come on." I say again," Perhaps I be able to damage those limiters for you." I smile not to sure if my wormholes could overload another wizards Bracelets. She finally looked up with her white eyes tears still falling. She regained some composure but she still looked a bit shaky," I'm going to treat you like an equal so I won't hold back I." I said raising my arms. She nodded raising her blade, " One last thing what's your name?"

"Aria." She replied her voice still shaky but she was struggling to keep it under control. 

"Alright Aria defend yourself because I'm going first!" I yell, putting my right and behind me and my left in front opening to wormholes directly on top of my hands, then I charged darting left, and right. She took a step back and kept the sword in front of her leaving her legs open, I'll attack there then. With my left hand I released a ball of wind she saw it coming and jumped over it. Quickly with my right I use wind blade while she was still in the air.  She brought her sword down , an remarkably parrying the attack. The force blew her further in the air, still leaving me an advantage. With her still in the air I open a third wormhole directly above her, and bringing the two in my hands together.

"Wind canon!"  She went to block the attack from the front but missed the one from the back. She hit the ground hard and kicked up some dust, but through the dust she was still standing, she charged forwards. Defensively I sent two blasts of spinning wind pillars. She avoided both beautifully, She was now in range to hit me with that blade of hers. I formed a blade of wind with the wormholes on my hands. I blocked her downward swoop but I was to late, as her blade cut across the already sliced shoulder. I rolled backwards, still wanting to fight.  She sliced across this time I managed to block with my the blades I had created. With my right blocking her  sword I went to cut with my left, she jumped back parrying my left blade. I could feel heat coming off of my new bracelets. She landed on the ground perfectly balanced, I had her where I wanted at a distance. 

Extending the wind blade on my right to keep her there I form another three wormholes to have her surrounded, I was going to form a wind wall but suddenly both of my bracelets exploded sending metal pieces everywhere some embedding themselves in my skin others slicing through. I fall to ground winding myself bleeding heavily.


The End

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