All in a Day's Work


"Ready when you are."

Ryan did a downward slash. Delilah dodged it and thrust out her sword, which he easily deflected. All the other guards were whooping and shouting. Delilah slashed and thrust again and again, but her brother blocked all of her attacks.

"Getting tired sister?"

Delilah brushed her damp red hair out of her eyes. "No. Are you?"

Ryan grinned and before she knew what was happening her sword was quivering in the ground. All the guards clapped.

"Not bad." Kalin walked up to Delilah, stroking his beard. 

"Yes." Ryan sheathed his sword. "You might actually beat me sometime."

"Oh, be quiet." Delilah grabbed an apple and bit into it.

Kalin took out his pocket watch.

"Okay, the fun's over. Everyone, back to your post. Jayson, Lance, take up the shift at the gate." Everyone dispersed and soon Delilah was left alone with Ryan. She tossed him an apple.



"Do you really think that I might become a master?"

Ryan chewed thoughtfully.

"If you try hard enough, sure. Why not?"

He tossed the core on the ground and walked away. Delilah smiled dreamily. She could just imagine it know, she and her brother fighting side by side...

Just then the house caught on fire.

The End

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