Road to Recovery

Aria couldn't believe what had happened. Almost without question, or trial for that matter, she was now a part of a new guild. part of her felt proud... but the other part felt incredibly disgusted at the methods used by the guild's master. Did he have ANY idea what he just did? She felt like going back into the forest so she could curl up and wait for starvation to take her.

She shook her head. This was merely a new start, a clean slate. The guild master saw this and he allowed her to join in... despite the fact that she had to start from the bottom and work her way up. Perhaps if she had enough power to overload her bracelets... maybe then she could stop feeling sorry for herself and put those lousy slavers in their place. After what they did to her apprentice, death would be a merciful action.

Aria stared at a cocky apprentice over in the corner, and decided to test his abilities. Even if she couldn't use her magic now, she could still defend herself from an apprentice level wizard with a sword... and if not... well, at least the apprentice will get experience dealing with a non wizard foe.

Aria stepped forward and immediately introduced herself. "Hello, my name is Aria Kahner. I'm new around here, and I would like to test you in combat. Is this acceptable?"

The young man, with a smirk, responded. "Sure, why not. I've been itchin' to test out the new bracelets since I overloaded the last pair."

Aria couldn't believe her luck: an apprentice who overloaded his bracelets! Perhaps if she fought him enough, she may be able to figure out how to overload her own! This was just perfect!

They stepped out into the training area, and the crimson haired apprentice introduced himself. "The name's Chase. Don't cry when you lose."

Aria smiled. "Confident, huh? Good. I've been lacking in that myself recently, so maybe this will snap me out of it." She drew her sword and stared into Chase's eyes.

"Wait..." Chase held up his hand and then pointed. "You're using that? Where are your wormholes? Shoot magic at me, don't try smacking me around with that flimsy toy."

Aria shook her head. "Let's just say I want to test you and see how well you handle a non wizard opponent."

"But... your bracelets..."

Aria finally sighed. "Fine. Exclude me for not being able to cast magic anymore! Go on, ignore me! It's not like I can simply remove these!" She lifted them up and walked right into Chase's face. "These aren't normal limiters! These keep me from casting any magic! I AM WORTHLESS!" A tear fell down her cheek. "At least you can cast magic... I am just a broken master... so go on... turn around and ignore me. Just like everyone else will..."

Aria couldn't stop herself. She started crying. She had never felt so... helpless. So useless. She was once among the most powerful masters in the guilds. "Cadenza" was what they called her then... a name meaning the end of an aria. A fitting name for someone whose only specialty is destruction. She was the end of many a rogue wizard, she was their cadenza... and now... she was just a broken wizard who can't protect anyone she cared about.

The End

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