To Kidnap Chase

Mariku Seto

The door clicked shut behind me, I left the side corridor to enter the main and saw them, at the far end, headed straight for me. I turned and ran...

"I should say, Mariku, that it is high time you took your mind off things. This blinkered vision will get you killed," Darius uttered across the table.

"Indeed," spoke up Melchiot.

"My vision is far from blinkered, and you would be a fool to believe that."

"Then you will not mind a more trivial job?"

I was silent for a moment, thinking over my answer, "I think my talents are a little too great for a trivial  job Darius, send somebody of less worth."

"I would, if it were up to me... but our merciful leader has specifically requested you to do this, or at least somebody of your level," he moved his head from the cradle his hands had made and place them on the table. He quickly slid some papers down.

"He would like you to fetch this boy, not to kill, he wants that honour," I looked at the face, saw the orange eyes and the crimson hair, "apparently even though he is an apprentice, he is much stronger than he looks," and apprentice, he wanted me to kidnap a damn apprentice...  Yet I could see that potential deep within him, he could prove trouble in the future for our plans, "and the reward will be great I presume, though our master fails to tell me what it is," I hated these missions, hated kidnapping seemingly innocent people, who knows, they could be part of a loving family that I was tearing them away from, and boy did I know that feeling.

"It wont be a problem," I made sure my face had been cool and emotionless the whole time, "I'll have him here by nightfall."

"Good, I knew you'd be up for it, you always are."

"Just doing my job," with that I left the room. I pushed all the feeling inside me, got rid of all the insecurities in this mission for they would only get in my way. I had to get the kid and that was that. It would be a piece of cake for sure. I kept telling myself.

I left the confines of the temple, my cloak swirling behind me as the sun burnt against my golden bracelets.

Who knows, If I was going to the Guild, I may see her again, not that I want to of course. I sighed. Time to focus Mariku, time to go kidnap Chase.


The End

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