"No. You're coming with me. You'll tell them what you told me, and hopefully they'll enroll us both. You can just start out at a Mage or even an Apprentice until you get your strength back." I told Aria, but she simply stayed sat down and shook her head.

"But it took me years of hard work to become a Master, I'm not going to get all my power back in a couple of weeks, you know."

"Yeah, I know that! But think about it - they can put your bracelets right again, and help you. Please?" I plead, sitting back down.

"Fine, I'll come. But I'm not promising anything." she nods. I smile and we both get up. We start walking down to the village and soon come across the meeting place, a big building a bit like a church, but not Christian. We go in, and ask for the guild leader.

"Ah, yes, Mr. Rockloth. I'll call him for you, just tell me why you need him." The pesky clerk said.

"Oh, well we just want to join his guild." I answer. The clerk nodded and stalked out, acting as if he owned the place. After a few minutes of waiting he came back with what must have been Mr Rockloth behind him. I looked the leader up and down, summing up his smart clothing, serious face and magic cane. He looked like he ment business but when I stared into his eyes, they were filled with mischeif, fun and love. I could tell I was going to like him. Aria, on the other hand, had a look of discrace on her head.

"So, girls, Mr. Crook here tells me you want to join my guild. Why don't you come into my office and we can talk." He becomed us inside his office, where he asked us why we weren't already in guilds so, with hesitation, we told him.

To my surprise, he just laughed when he heard what I'd done. "HA! Well, your just a bag of mischeif aren't you! I love people like you, and I'd be proud to enroll you into Wizards' Wish. Do you accept?" He said, a twinkle in his eye. After about an hour and a half interveiwing us both, we both got accepted!

My new guild - Wizards' Wish; who knew what would happen now?

The End

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