Overpowered; one mistake could mean death



"Boy oh boy guilds these days." The woman said barraging me with earth spikes, and then earth projectiles," They must have lowered their standards to let a boy like you to go on a mission alone."She cackled raising the ground beneath her as I jump away avoiding three more deadly spikes.

I wanted to say I wasn't alone but that would be stupid of me if she knew a stronger wizard could show up, but in the mean time I needed to orchestrate a counter attack but I was so overpowered. A spike shoots from the earth, I duck but just but not enough to avoid as it cuts my skin on my right shoulder. I show no signs of pain as I roll backwards.

"And I draw blood! This is pathetic, and I'm wasting time, mind as well end this your just running away boy!" The spike that grazed my shoulder to my surprise shot out of the ground, without thinking I open a wormhole, and blast it with strong current of wind."  The spike explodes into dust to woman's surprise. This was my chance I charged jumping up spikes to get to the higher ground. 

The woman notices my actions, using her wormholes she makes the spikes retract and fire outwards. I didn't turn tail this time round I still try to get up but just before reaching the top, my footing disappears below me. The woman smiles madly as time begins to slow. A spike below begins to emerge from the ground, If I continued to fall I would be skewered like a kebob. One idea popped in to mind but I was uncertain if I could pull it off. I didn't like the idea of relying on my wormhole control skills to transport rate on my enemy's position but I was going to die so either way I could die if I messed up. I closed my eyes concentrating on opening the wormhole big enough for me to fit in, then one on top of the woman.

I land on the ground hard, the air escaped my lungs but at least I was alright. A pain in my stomach suddenly makes that theory seem very wrong, I turn around quickly barfing.

"Quite some determination boy, and that last attempt at living was somewhat impressive, but looks like you aren't cut out for wormhole travel."

I felt too sick to move around or try to open up any wormholes. I groaned in response, then barfing up more, she just laughed. I could hear the ripping of space as she opened up a wormhole.

"Its over kid, I don't think anyone going to miss a piece of crap wizard like you."

I was tired of that, tired of hearing stuff like that, I was tired of being told I couldn't do any better. Despite the nausea I get up with trouble keeping my balance, but I was going to prove to myself now that I can do better, I'm not going to let people tell me I can't get do better anymore!

"One last stand huh?" Her voice filled with anger, In her wormhole I could see she combined earth, and fire together she was planning on completely obliterating me. I opened up eight  wormholes to her surprise.

" The one thing that bothered my guild master was the fact I could open up eight wormholes unlike the other apprentices, yet I couldn't cast anything to save my life. But now I can cast wind pretty well, but I've got a ways to go before I could say I'm a master at wind."

"What are you babbling on about kid?"

"Nothing really." I reply, " eight sided wind blade!" I shout as the eight wormholes all release the highly concentrated wind. She releases the the flaming stone calling it meteorite however it didn't go far as my wind obliterated. In a last minute attempt she covered herself in earth blocking most of my attack however it crushed the earth, and cut her up pretty badly. A warm pain went of on my left wrist as I overloaded another bracelet. Seriously what is up with that?

The End

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