The Fallen Master

Aria shrugged. "Well, as a master, and having been a mage level at one time myself, I fully understand the circumstances. Wormholes can be incredibly difficult to-"

"Wait a minute!" Lucy-Marianne interrupted. "You're a master?! How old are you?!"


Lucy looked a little shocked by the age difference and the rankings. "Can you show me how to control them?"

Aria shook her head. "I probably could have a month ago... but... let's just say that even a master can be beaten by a bunch of brigands." She spoke in a very sad tone. "You see... about a month or two ago, on a routine mission, my apprentice and I were attacked by a band of slavers. My apprentice was killed almost immediately. In a blind rage, I turned half of them to nothing but ashes, but one came up behind me and... well... bludgeoned me over the head, knocking me out. I was then taken to their campsite, where they removed my normal limiters and placed these on me... while they were white hot."

Lucy stared at Aria for a long time, shocked at the treatment she had endured. "So... now you can't use your magic?"

Aria lifted her hand in response. She strained with all her might, but all she could manage was a wormhole only large enough for a nightcrawler to go through. "That's all I am capable of now. Until I get these restraints off, I am no master... just a fallen wizardess." She shook her head and then smiled. "But why are we dwelling on the past? You said you wanted to know about the guild, right? Well, then, I can tell you that, as far as I know, they are relatively new and that they are looking for new recruits. Go on. I'm sure they'd welcome you with open arms."

Lucy turned to leave, but then turned around and asked. "Aren't you coming?"

"For what? I told you, I can't use magic anymore." Aria smiled bitterly. "What use does the guild have with a magicless master class?" Aria started laughing to herself, only to hide the pain she felt of not being the person she once was...

The End

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