Cult of Seto

Mariku Seto

Her eyes bored into mine. She shed a tear. I told her not to be so weak that she had to be strong because I knew she was. She called me callous and arrogant... cold hearted. I liked her because she always told me the truth. She said those things and yet I still loved her and she loved me. That's just how love works I supposed. With one swift movement, she brushed her lips against mine. She sat on her bed and pulled me to her side. She unclasped my cloak and through it aside. She was in control here as she pulled me into another longing kiss and then pushed me away.

"Why did you have to do it?"

"Because I have no heart, such trivialities are menial to me," I turned my face away.

"There we go again, shutting yourself off from it," tears welled in her eyes, "why can't you open up to me?" I stood up then, moved to the door, "MARIKU!" I stopped, my hand on the handle, "you turn around right now and tell me or do you love me so little that you would risk ending what we have?"

I sighed then, turned around again.

"I do not love you," I said simply.

"What?" She looked shocked, "no I don't believe you, your hiding something... you cannot hide from me Mariku, I know you better than you do?"

"Clearly not, because if you knew me, then right now you'd let me go," I stared at her imploringly. A tear fell down her cheek but her face was thunderous.

"NO!" she stood up and hit my chest. She beat at it for a moment and I let it happen. She slapped me, scratched my cheek. She saw the blood trickle and placed her fingers to her mouth. With one shaking hand, she stroked caressed my face, left her hand there, "kiss me, and then tell me you do not love me."


"Just do it," she ordered. I pulled her towards me and kissed her softly on the lips. I rested my forehead on hers, face down with my eyes closed, "no, there is a sense of urgency there, as if you can't wait to get away," again she turned her face, turned her body away from me, "go," she murmured, and moved over to her bed, looking out of the tower.

"I did love you," I whispered but she didn't say anything.

I opened the door and left.

I woke up in a cold sweat, worse than any nightmare I could have had.

I got up and washed my face in the basin. Looking up I stared into the mirror, gently touched the scar on my cheek. Something to remember her by. My hand turned into a claw. I punched the glass, blood soaked glass falling to the floor. 

I settled my mind, I would train. That always helped.

Once in the training room, I opened all 16 portals. For what seemed hours, I tried my hardest to squeeze out a seventeenth and finally got it. I was so pleased with myself, so lost in the moment I forgot everything and out of the portal came the Legendary Fiend, a massive giant whose face was pronged with three sharp points, whose skin was as blue as the sky and whose aura shimmered.

I tried even harder now, the claw of my hand becoming more curled so that my fingers looked bent out of proportion. My insides where aflame, only now could I feel my restrictors begin to moan and burn my skin. With some effort that almost killed me, my Fiend disappeared and an eighteenth portal appeared. From it was born the Three Headed Dragon with white, almost metallic skin and a blue aura about it. I dropped the portals and fell to all fours, panting for breath. I was improving, expanding my strength and I would need that to face the Government. There were only a select few within the Cult of Seto with any real strength, over than our nameless master who was... well none of us knew.

We called ourselves a Cult because Guild were for those who wished to blend in with society and succumb to social control, most of them were people who had given up and left. Again, there were only a few who had actually been banished, they were the most powerful ones. And what the Cult wanted was absolute emancipation without being persecuted or hunted down. And to get that, they would have to go to extraordinary methods.

The End

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