A New Guild

I wandered around, trying to find my bearings. Now that I'm not in a guild - I was kicked out for teleporting (lame!), I spend most of my time teleporting to new places, to see what else there is in this world that's unknown. This time, I'd landed in an area that seemed deserted; which was unlikely because there's always someone living somewhere. And I was right - I'd landed on a hill which, when I went down it, lead to a small village, unknown to most people.

As I walked around the village, I noticed that there were a lot of Apprentice wizards around, I could tell because they always had a supervisor with them. Suddenly I realised that guild might have just been set up, which was why there were so many Apprentices around. I had to find the leader - maybe this could be my new guild!

I walked out of the village and into a field, the sun rays were beating down, the sky was blue and I might have just found a new guild - what could be better?! I laughed aloud as I was so thrilled then stopped as I heard someone giggling. I spun round but carried on walking as I could see no-one.

After strolling in a somewhat endless field, I came across a girl. My natural instinct was to open a wormhole, which is what I did, ready for an attack.

"Who are you? I won't attack if you tell me you mean no harm." I said, confidently. Because I was in no guild, I had to look out for anyone who might attack me; this meant demanding their name and peace before talking to them.

The girl stood up, looking surprised. As she pulled herself together she said,"I'm Aria Kahner, and I mean no harm."

I closed my purple wormhole and relaxed. "Well, I'm Lucy-Marianne Sonriana. Nice to meet you."

"And to you to. Do you want to sit down? I curious about you - you're unknown here." She said, sitting down.

"Thanks. Well, please don't judge me here, but I was kicked out of my guild. I have no guild and I'm looking for one." I said, hoping Aria wouldn't get the wrong impression.

She gasped, "Kicked out? Wow, why did you get thrown out? What did you do?"

"Well, I...I teleported in the middle of a mission. Don't look like that! you haven't heard the whole story yet! So, I was in the middle of a mission, paired up with someone, when I my wormhole went berserk; it suddelny teleported me away, without me doing anything! I mean, true, I wanted to get out of the mission but that doesn't mean I did anything. Of course, when I try explaining that to my guild, it's all 'Oh, why on earth did you teleport? You have no right to me in this guild! You're a disgrace to this guild!' and anyway, I don't get a word in edgeways. So, there you have it. Oh, by the way, what do you know about the guild here?" I ask.

I think I've just made my first friend.

The End

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