A Bird Without Wings

The pain returned... the pain that had continued to bite into her wrists and scar her flesh... the limiter bracelets...

Aria, having recently escaped from slavers, tried in vain to remove the bracelets, but they were burned into her skin, and unlike the normal limiters, these were specifically designed to make it nearly impossible to cast her spells. Add the fact that they hurt terribly, and she was a very depressed girl. Up until now, she thought she was free from the grip of those foul men, only to realize that the limiters fettered her more than their cages and chains ever could. She was like a bird without wings, just let out of the birdcage... her freedom would be the death of her.

She shook her head. This was only an obstacle. And all obstacles, no matter how impossible they may seem, can be either traversed, eliminated, or ignored for a more favorable alternative. Aria thought about the first two options for a second, and noticing that she would be unable to continue without some sort of method of defending herself. Luckily, she managed to steal a sword from a slaver when she escaped, and decided that this clearing was a good place to practice. She tested the weight of the blade, and noticed that it was balanced perfectly... a fact that she found utterly strange.

She swung it around a bit, each stroke cutting the air with a wonderful whistle, and smiled. It was a very well crafted blade, and could easily cut in half any monster she was likely to encounter in this forest. She sheathed it and gave a sigh.

"And to think, just this morning, I was sitting in a cage and feeling that it was just a terrible day... now... as I look at the pale blue sky, I wonder how I could have thought that." She giggled to herself, despite the searing pain in her wrists. She sat down in the grass and enjoyed the wonderful rays of the sun and the wonderful breeze that blew through the little clearing.

The End

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