The Vengeful Outcast

Mariku Seto

I closed my eyes and sighed heavily. I checked my golden bracelets that ran halfway down my forearm. They were fine. Standing on my side, I outstretched my hand to the right. I felt the familiar pull as fourteen wormholes appeared above my head. I strained myself a little more to get a further two. I tried as hard as possible to squeeze out the seventeenth, my hand a rigid claw, but to no avail. I sighed again and turned towards the city. I brought my other hand round and merged the wormholes together.

"I summon the Golden Void Dragon!" A distant figure appeared from the deep purple of the void. The small inky blot grew rapidly until a golden dragon, covered in a purple mist shot out. It fell down onto the city, columns of flame striking seemingly at random houses. thirteen houses were set aflame and I could hear the screams and cries from within. The Dragon made it's happy way further into the heart of the city till it reached the great peaks of the Wizards tower and the parliamentary buildings.

With some effort, I controlled the flames to strike the government. I knew people at the Wizards guild who I didn't want to hurt. Especially not her.

The flames grew closer and closer to the building. At the last second, a shield was put up and the ray of fire harmlessly bounced off. Immediately, wormholes were appearing above the city. Scouts were being sent to find the intruder.

I held onto the dragon for a little longer, then with one last effort, crashed it into the shield. I saw the explosion that lit the roof of the building like fireworks and caused some damage. I half-smiled before running back, panting slightly.

I could see the scouts were gaining on me, trying to figure out who I was. They were small drones designed for scrying. I knew the guy that had invented them.

I opened a quick teleportation wormhole and disappeared from my hill. I knew they'd be able to detect the journey, but by then I'd be long gone.

I felt myself dematerialize, odd as that sounds, until I found myself in an open field. For a few minutes I ran until I reached their borders. There were several guards posted around the Great Wall. Quickly I opened seven wormholes. 

"I summon you, Demon Fiends!"

From each portal came shadowy creatures, shrouded in a black mist. In the night they were undetectable but for their glowing purple eyes and the smooth, sharp teeth as white as fresh snow.

The Fiends jumped the guards and I could hear there screams. That alerted the other guards who were quickly mobbed by my monsters.

As this went on, I slipped past them and flew up the wall 'till I had gone over it. I ceased the wormholes and ran on.

Finally I teleported away, reaching the Temple.

It was set some way into the Banished Lands upon a great cliff overlooking the Requa Wastelands and the distant cities. The Temple itself was a magnificent feat, easily 100 metres high surrounded by great columns which also filled much of the interior.Two burly towers lay on either side of the gateway which was very tall and thin. Images and spells were carved into the sandstone, all of which was gilded with gold leaf. On either side of the entrance, was a statue of the God Seto whom I had been named after. He was tall and strong with the head of a black furred wolf. 

Once insider, there was a long pathway of lighter sandstone, on either side stood palm trees and acacias. Long stretches of pools ran parallel to the path, these were neat and rectangular with clear blue water and lights that shone brightly. At the end was the building itself where two obelisks stood before it, glowing and humming with power. The building itself was tall and imposing, a castle like structure with four, similar, square towers at each corner and a tall, thin entry into a huge room with pillars on either side. The central aisle ran up to a large altar. Straight ahead was the entry into the catacombs which homed miles upon miles of homes and tombs dedicated to old Wizards. To the right was the practice room and on the left the assembly point were food was served. I finally reached the altar, there I was met by two robed figures dressed in black.

"Balthazar, Melchiot," I nodded to each in turn.

"Was your mission a success?" Melchiot asked.

"That is not your concern, I am afraid," they nodded silently and led me towards the assembly point.

It was a massive room dominated by an oak table surrounded by chairs. In one sat Darius. He dismissed the monks and beckoned me towards him. Darius was an imposing figure, at least a head taller than me with jet black hair and liquid silver eyes. A scar ran across his forehead, a claw mark crossed his cheek and part of his neck.

"Our master knows of your arrival, he believes it was a success?"

"Indeed," I muttered.

"So you have gathered valuable intel on the defences of Palaurus?"

"Indeed," I repeated. This time he waited for me to divulge, "the Wizards sit idle in their lush seats of power, and their Parliament suffers the same corruption and greed it always have. They always live in fear... I found it all to easy to breach the city's defences and assault their homes. Their callous nature protects only the rich and powerful, thus some of the city lies in ruin."

"It was a necessary ploy, know that Mariku."

I had winced and felt the same pain as the innocents I may have killed, yet my thoughts rested solely on my brother. I had seen visions of his maltreatment, seen his skin hang loosely from an emaciated skeleton. I saw all the scars that lined his filthy body. Saw exactly what they had done to the one person I held dearest in my heart. I was just glad they hadn't gotten to her yet. But that would be inevitable... for what they are putting my brother through, they must pay, and pay very dearly. Thus I would strike fear into them, paralyse their core operatives, create confusion and distrust in the inhabitants until slowly, their lives came crashing around them, literally... my comrades could do as they please, but I just wanted my brother back. Then I guess you could call me the Vengeful Outcast.


The End

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