Aprentice missions are so lame



" Alright Chase we're heading out."  Blason said trying to get my head off the wooden table, I couldn't wait to stop being an apprentice.

"You can go yourself Blason, I have no intentions of investigating a farm for a stinking fire rat, besides wind only makes fire stronger." I retort.

"You little brat!" Blason says grabbing me the back of my shirt, "  Not many snot nosed kids get offered an aprenticeship with me at this guild! So get your spoiled butt up, and maybe you'll learn something!"  He yells then throws me back down in my seat.

"Fine. But this better be more productive and more of reward this time, I don't think I've got enough to afford my rent and food costs this month."  I mumble reaching for my bag tiredly.

"Hey last time we're helping miners."

"Get oxygen down to them I know, and the rewards was only  50 bucks so we had to split 25 dollars each." I grumble.

"Yeah but this time rewards is a thousand." He smiles.

"A thousand for a fire rat, why didn't you tell me sooner! Lets go!" I say rushing out the front door of guild enterance running into A big burly man by then name of Dargo.

"Watch it punk!" He say threateningly.

"Bring it fatso." I reply.  He opens a wormhole and his fist lights on fire. Dargo always had something for me , and he only recently became a mage classed Wizard, I wasn't afriad of him. Hell he was probably the weakest wizard he well also including me. Lets just say I can't seem to make anything come out of my wormholes other than wind. So I had been nicknamed Breeze before I managed to make some pretty powerful burst of winds. Still that title sticks around me like the plauge.

"Hey!" Blason yells but but I continue glaring at Dargo.

"I could beat you anytime." I say brining my fists together before opening a silver wormhole.

"Stop it both of you!" Blason yells forming a threatening spiked icewall between the two of us.

"Chase get going, and Dargo you know better."  Blason says. I listen this time, and leave.

I could act like  quite the brat, but it was one  way to avoid the truth that I really, really sucked as wizard and had no talent in being a full fledged wizard, so I played tough, and gave everyone a hard time. I was frusterated no matter how hard I tried I couldn't make my stupid wormholes to produce anything other than wind.

"Stop it with the long face kid." Blason says patting me on the back, " Here  practice this until we get to the farm. Try adding more spin to your wormhole, good chance it will concentrate whatever your trying to do you know."

"Alright." I say enthuasiastically, happy that Blason never gave up on me, ever, and didn't seem to mind my bad behaviour. I owed him to fix that up.  I opened up just the one wormhole and I concentrated on making it spin faster. I could feel a pull on my body as the shredding of space,and time occured.

"Yeraaa!" shout to sort of encourage myself, " come on!" I say.

"Chase you got it now, imagine wind now." 

"Aight." I say closing my eyes, and imagining a blast of wind powerful enough to cut through rock. I feel myself stuggeling to keep balance as powerful wind escapes though the wormhole, the ground beneath the blast cracked, and compacted itself into a small trench. I close the wormhole amazed at the difference.

"Did I just see that?" Blason said  jaw dropped.

"Did I just do that?" I say looking at my right hand, noticing my wormhole bracelet had over loaded," Man I thought that technique was called a sorcerer levelled technique to put more power into a spell, I never though." He stopped in mid sentence in thought, "Good job Chase, you actually mastered something and didn't fail rate off the bat. Just never thought you would master it rate off the bat either." He said the last part more for himself than me.  But I didn't care for the first time in my life, I did something right.

About two days later we arrived at the farmhouse, the family had been having trouble with rodents capable of opening wormholes, and used fire. Sounded pretty ridiculous to me, Rats were not sentient being therefore unaware of how to open up a wormhole. So I had thought until I saw this flaming rat  run straight in front of me lighting a small wheat crop on fire. Blason froze the crop but it was too late to be saved. After that we were told to kill all the damned rodents , and we'll be payed. Great we just became hired Exterminators.

" Hey Blason, don't you think its weird that these rats can open wormholes, its not like rats are sentient beings?"

" Yeah, but I have already figured out that someone is trying to take these farmers out of business and they happen to be wizards, that are capable of using destruction spells."

"Wow that's a pretty quick conclusion." I comment.

"Yeah but its not uncommon especially when the weather is this warm for too long."

"Yeah I guess. So what are you planning to do?"

"Not sure yet, I don't want to be caught walking off property, or slacking to look for possible wizards suspects. But its pretty much fruitless to kill these buggers because there only be more."

"I could  go I mean I'm only apprentice levelled."

"Yeah but I don't trust you to be alone looking for wizards, plus no offence but your not quite good at thinking you just react, and don't think things through."

"Hey." I say hurt a bit.

" Don't take it to closely your only sixteen anyways you're too busy thinking about girls anyway or showing off your skills. All you need is a bit of patience anyways then you would be set. Anyways I've decided I'll go off property, and you search, if they catch me I'll just make something up. I will see you in a few hours.

A few rather boring hours go by, and I have searched each field at least twice, and I was totally bored. I hate being an apprentice these missions are so lame. What I really wanted to be off doing is hunting werewolves or rouge wizards, at least then I might learn something or two. I kicked the ground hating the fact I was so useless as a wizard.

"Where the hell is Blason?" I say to myself. Confidentially I hear footsteps behind me," Blason." I turn around only to be mistaken.  A woman stood their with piercing blue eyes.

"A guild brat huh? I shouldn't be surprised though it was bound to happen." She said not really talking to me but yet talking to me.

"huh?" I reply.

" Are you a bit slow kid?" She says opening a yellow wormhole, and a pillar of spiked, earth shoots out missing me only by inches.

"Enemy!" I say loudly opening three of my own wormholes remembering earlier. 

" You not going to be taking me down too easily, lady!" I say confidently but inside I was terrified. My opponent seemed to be most skilled at earth, and I only knew how to use wind, plus who knows whatever elements she can use?

"Oh interesting never seen a silver wormhole before." She said calmly.

The End

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