Wizards of Wormhole

In a world between dimensions is a planet surrouned by wormholes. The people of wormhole can use wormholes to use magic. However things are going to change, and the change shall be violent.

16 years ago in the city of Palaurus

"Moira hundreds of wormholes have opened in the sky, we are under attack!" A young man to look about in his mid twenties shouted in concern in a marble building over looking a beautiful metropolis of marble, and wonderful night sky filled with the swirling arm of the red, and blue wormholes of space. The stars and galaxy's peered through the dimensional walls of space as if a moment in history will engrave itself for ever in the walls of space. However the night sky began to swarm with red coloured wormholes, the ground began to shake.

In Moira's arms was a new born child, who began to cry at the rising feeling of danger. " Moira we have to leave Palaurus will be reduced to nothing but ashes in the matter of minutes."

“But Mister Chalkai what about the others?" Moira said her face wet from tears, "Your refer to your beloved husband in jail. I'm afraid there is nothing we can do save him now."

"We must!" She screamed out but was interrupted by mister Chalkai's hand over her mouth.

“Your survival is of most importance if we are to protect this great Nations future. Your son's father will not have died in vain.  Now let’s escape while we still can." Chalkai said calmly letting go of her mouth.

"I'm afraid that will not be happening." A sinister voice rose from the ceiling as darkened figured hovered with ease into the vista's open marble room. The figure landed soundlessly on the marble floor revealing him to the light. The dark torn cloak with blood stains, and the red fabric on the inside with the two black paldrons, the long pale pink hair, and violet, and red eye he was no other than Saint Joseph the master of a 1000 spells of destruction.

"Joseph." Moira spat with little fear in her orange eyes.

"Moira there is no need to be rude, I can spare your life if you agree to my terms.” Joseph said coldly, while giving a very warm but sinister smile.

“There shall be no negotiations with you Joseph!" Mr. Chalkai said with anger," I will bring you down now you traitorous scum!"  Violet wormholes opened up around Mr. Chalkai  as his white gloved hands appeared through his black dress suit.

"My, my guild master Chalkai don’t get to hasty your fighting a battle against me the top ranked Saint in the whole entire world. I would reconsider if I were you."

“It doesn't matter if you kill me Joseph I will still fight you with my soul, no amount of power can beat my resolve!" Mr. Chalkai said with no fear in his voice," Moira Run! Run now!"  

Moira nodded, and new what must be done she turned on her heal, and ran up the obsidian staircase, as the battle below heated up. Moira dared not look behind her to see what would become of her Dear friend Chalkai. Tears ran down her cheeks as her baby boy with his orange eyes looked into hers now showing no fear. Behind her the  building collapsed along with an ominous glow of red.

"Laughable; all of you wizards are so weak compared to me!" Joseph laughed now going after Moira.  Moira turned knowing escape would be futile, she put her newborn baby on the steps casting several of the most potent protection spell she new before turning to face Joseph eye to eye. 

"I know what you did Joseph, as a council member I should have acted sooner upon your actions but never did I think it would come this far." She said struggling to hold the tears back and hold her composure. Joseph laughed at her bravery.

“So you two will try to defy me? Does this world show no bounds of ignorance! I am the strongest wizard ever!"

"It doesn't matter who you are Joseph, It matters on what you have done, no one will follow you on your path into the Darkness." Moira replied. 

"Is that so, then why do my legions hold the council hostage and why do I hold the great city of  Palaurus in a death grip with my own forces."

Moira did not answer straight away but instead opened her blue wormholes against the Saint classed wizard.

"Another fight it is." Joseph said boredly opening a wormhole in his right, and shot a beam of crimson light. Moira opened another wormhole and returned the shot rate back at him. He let it him, and absorbed the energy from the beam.

"Is that all you've got council member Moira?"

Moira opened up thirty wormholes.

"When you wish to be a god, you shall face the judgment of Bezealues. May a nine hundred thousand strikes of lightening destroy your very being." Moira said in a chant like fashion. Joseph admired the woman’s courage in element and spell casting. The blue wormholes charged, and sounded with a high pitched whine before firing the thirty concentrated beams of lightning upon Joseph.  Joseph new the attack was an attack you could not simply reverse or block so he tried to escape out of it range by flying into the sky. Moira controlled the concentrated strands of lightening that had been compacted into the beams.  Beads of sweat built up as she poured all of her energy and concentration of the act of harming Joseph. The beams began to lose concentration burning and destroying whatever was closest to it as the followed after Joseph.

Moira screamed in desperation, and pushed a bit harder finally catching Joseph in the grasp of lightening a bright light of blue and yellow erupted in the sky, the light grew to the point it blinded all that stood outside of a building in the cold night. The light quickly died away revealing Joseph figure burnt, he fell chaotically to the ground, but Moira new better than to assume she had won. She ran jumped into the air opening all thirty wormholes in her right palm as she formed an all elemental attack. She yelled determinedly as she came down upon the injured Joseph. Joseph smiled and two more bright lights shot up into the night sky for minutes the city of Palaurus shook as the citizens watched the light shooting up into the sky violent destroy a mountain starting fires, and violent quakes.  When it ended Moira  stood before Joseph holding one of his Paldrons ,the life in her eye fading as Joseph smiled.

“What a waste." He said quickly leaving Moira to say her good bye to her newborn son.

The End

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