I smiled. I'd been practising this when Rose was sleeping. The guy next to us- Jeremy, his name was- had taught me how to do this. I gripped the iron bar in front of me, and breathed in. I searched through my body to locate the key point to unlock my magic. I felt it down in my shin, moving lazily around. I concentrated on it, and uttered one word. Pyro.

When I released my hold on the iron bars, my finerprints lingered, and started to turn orange, growing vividly to an almost white-orange colour. Smoke started to float out from the bar. The guard couldn't see any of this- Jeremy was struggling to keep his attention away. I began to do the same to all of the other bars, until they were all burnt away, black, smoking dust on the floor.

I turned to se Rose's face turn into an awed expression, but she knew better than to say anything. The only thing left was to overthrow the guard, but before that, I quietly told Rose what I was doing, in case she could ever unlock her powers, wherever they lay hidden.

The End

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