Watching, Doing Nothing

We watched as the poor, limp woman was dragged roughly to her cell, and dumped in there like a rubbish-bag. I saw a small tear start to glisten in the corner of Rose's eye, and I knew that was the natural reaction, but my shock forced my face into an expressionless mask, as if I'd given up on everything.

 "This has to be a dream." I murmured to myself.

 "I wish!" Came a small voice from the cell next to us.

 "Eaves drop much?" I called over. I heard the person sigh.

 "There's nothing else to do here. What's your name?"

 "What's it to you" I replied, not liking this person.

 "Just tell him your name, Liam. He can't do anything; he's in a cell!" Rose said in a stressed voice.

 "Au contrare." Said the voice before tongues of flames licked the ceiling of the cell next door, and it slowly slid along the ceiling, and dropped into our cold cell as a ball of fire. It stayed floating there. I moved myself and Rose towards it for the warmth.

 Normally, I would've been surprised, but I was in a cell for practising the illegal arts of wizardry, watching lifeless people come in and out, and getting executed. So nothing really surprised me, or evoked any emotion but anger.

 the warmth was nice, but it didn't keep my sad thoughts away.

The End

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