The Cell

Rose Brady

We sat on the floor of the repulsive cell. Four solid walls of abhorrent isolation. The only light source we had was from the moon that filtered through the blurred window, which was barricaded with black iron poles. My brother sat in the corner, head in his hands. I read the carvings on the wall, he had tallied up the days we had spent sitting in this hellhole. Thirteen to be precise.

I pushed a hand back through my muddy blonde hair; it was thick with the grime that layered the walls of the cell. My head snapped up when I heard the familiar footsteps. I peered through the iron bars of the cell door, only to see a burly man dragging a woman's body toward the cell opposite. He slung her in before locking it up with a rusty iron key, which he kept at his belt. He turned to face me before smiling crudely showing a set of disturbing yellow teeth.

"Liam..." I whimpered.

In my peripheral vision I saw Liam get up and move closer. Tears filled my eyes, as Liam stood up protectively, his irises black with hatred.

"Sit down boy. Your not so tough." The man growled at my brother before spitting in his face and walking away, laughing.

"Just you wait." Liam thought. Twin telepathy was still intact, despite the horrendous the situation.

Liam sat back down and hugged me. "Its gonna be alright, Rose." He whispered reassuringly.

I gazed at the woman that lay lifeless in the cell opposite. Her head was stanched with layers of bandages as blood seeped from her eyes and trickled down her face.

The End

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