Witch Trial

Liam and Rose Brady have been taken by the new Government, the DAM (Defence Against Magic), who go to homes, searching for witches and witches, and they take them to a sort of concentration camp/prison, where they are fed only little, and what they are fed is disgusting. Rose and Liam didn't know they were magic, but when their powers start to present themselves, they start to believe. But is this magic a blessing, or their doom?

Liam Brady


I remember it vividly. The lights flooding my room with a bright white glow that almost blinded me. They came at night, sirens waking the neighbourhood up, wailing loud and clear.

 They kicked the door in, and immediately grabbed my sister, Rose. I tried to run after her, but I was held back by some sort of ninja-soldier. I would've fought him off, if he didn't have a gun...

 I had sandy hair and blue eyes. My hair grew straight down my forehead to my eyebrows, where I flicked it to the side.

 One of the ninja-soldiers slapped my sister for trying to get away. I remember lunging at him. He smacked me aside, and then I felt an electric shock fly through me.

 I immediately blacked out.

 That was the night we were taken to the DAM Prisons, where we were to be kept until execution.

 What. The. Hell?

The End

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