Baltor gone, Ancitent wiches to battle!Part 1Mature

Baltor kidnapped our boyfriends(exept for flora's and Layla's) and led us into a trap.

We were fighting fake boys while the real ones were all in a cell. They were resuced.

I used my magic to hit baltor and the fakes vanished. The anicent witches removed Baltor's wizard part of him and left him with the beast side.

I used a spell to turn myself into a flame (i left my body) and traveled to baltor's dragon fire. I then put out his dragon fire.

Baltor tried to tempt me in to turning my rage to the anicent wicthes.

But I eventually defeated him . He's locked away somwhere with the anicent Witches.

Ms Faragonda told me that i have to go to the dark realm, Defeat the witches and finally meet my real parents!

more coming soon..

The End

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