Trick or Truth:part 1Mature

I learened from the anicent wicthes that baltor had tricked me about my partent being trapped inside him. They're alive but in another dimensoin, I'm not sure where beacause they didn't tell me anything else.

Baltor is getting weak, the Trix(Icy,Dracy and Stormy) laugh at him because the water stars damged him. Then He turned into a really ugly red gargoyle with horns and huge wings. Now he has a horrible deep voice. He's sent water to Cloudtower, fire to Alfea, wind to Redfountain and earth to magix. There's chaos all over the place!

The boys are trying their best to battle the tornades.

I'm now battling Baltor. Alone. no water stars, just my enchanix. Let's just hope i win the battle. Baltor cheated by using fire bees. My friends are backing me up now.

Baltor-gargoyle now are the water stars and zapped me with it.

My friends were trying to protcet me.

I sprinkle fary dust on baltor because some how i've thought of a plan.

The water stars escape from the golden box and i gave the signal as "now!".

Icy think my friends are playing 'mokey in the middle' (piggie in the middle) and Baltor's the monkey! The Trix leave Baltor in the river bed and we all rush out to saftey. I think Baltor Drowned.

In Tides, the mermaids returned to normal,

in Solaria, it stopped raining or something like that,

and in Planet Oppositus, Everyone returned to being oppostius.

The trix get taken away and everyone conadulates us with cheering for what we had done.

Baltor's still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End

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