Winx club forever!Mature

winx club have to save the realms, go to schoolo, get homework done, have fun and do shopping!

Hi I'm Bloom. My best friends are Stella, Flora, Techna, Musa and Layla.

Let me give you an update on what has happened: so far Layla lost her eye sight from Baltor. Then healed them by using her enchantix. In a battle against Blator, Ms Faragonda's life force got mixed with the tree. So we got the black willow's tears to save her.

Tencha gain her enchantix because she sacriced herself to close the portal in Tides, Layla's realm.

I went to Piros to get stronger and eventually will myself to get my enchantix.

We've just been riding on the motorbikes

We've now transformed to our enchentix

Stella has now healed her dad.

we've just seen the doves being set free

The End

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