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HourglassThorne for the fantastic entry Percival McPurrson the 16th


The tip of her tail twitched irritably as Percival McPurrson made her way down the hallway at the Shady Tree Nursing Home.  She slunk past residents and staff without acknowledging them, though a few greeted her with a "Good morning" or "Hi there, Percy" and the ever popular "Get out of the way, you stupid furball!"  Were she in a more social mood, the tabby might've greeted the humans appropriately, especially the grumpy one who'd nearly stepped on her.

But she wasn't in a social mood.

More accurately, she was in the kind of mood coffee addicts are in when they first wake up and haven't had their morning dose of caffeine yet.  The only difference was her coffee was sunshine, and there was a warm windowsill in an east-facing room with her name on it.

Percival was a young ginger tabby with short fur and dainty white paws.  Nearly everything about the little girl was dainty.  The silhouette of her body and limbs was more like that of a siamese instead of an american shorthair.  If it wasn't for the bright orange fur with the nearly red stripes, she might've been mistaken for the more exotic sealpoint breed.



What people have said:

This truly is a fantastic piece! I really love the comedy entry brings - it really shows us Percy's character in a really enjoyable way!

I loved the attitude and human-ness of the description, it really gave a feeling for what Percy was like despite the fact she wasn't actually human.


Well done, HourglassThorne!


The End

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