Noira: Troublesome Apples.Mature

I groaned. I had been sleeping on the branch of a tree. Never again. The early morning dew lung to my lashes. I yawned, and dropped down fro the tree gracefully...followed by falling over. Typical.

I knelt in the sweet smelling grass, and cupped water from the lake in my hands, beginning to wash my face. I glanced around, and flew to a small part of the lake that's covered all around with thick brambles and trees. I smiled. I took off a my clothing, and placed it by the side, and slid into the cool water.

I gave a shiver of delight, and brought the water over my head, splashing slightly in the morning haze. I gave a small laugh, that rang around the park, tinkling like a bell. I got out, and dried myself on a towel I had left there. I got dressed once again, and stretched.

I heard a slam in the distance. I started, running my fingers through my almost dry hair. Bang! Someone had dropped something in the early morning. "Shit!" someone cursed, breaking the blissful silence. I sighed.

I tip toed round, seeing Wolf chasing an apple. I gave a giggle. It was quite funny watching him scoop up his lunch box, putting the apple back in with a triunphant 'Ha!"

I stepped forward, making sure my wings were invisible. "Apples sure are troublesome." I said softly. Wolf jolted, and looked up.

The End

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