Noira: Mister Red EyesMature

I sighed. That Wolf kid bugged me. I needed to see him again. I needed to know if he knew what I was. I smiled to myself, and flapped my large wings. I flew up, over the park, over the lake. I dived down, into the lake, making a huge splash.

I watched as silvery bubbles wobbled up like jellyfish. I came up, pushed my sodding wet hair back, and pulled myself from the water. I shook my wings around, and watched the water drip and splash from my arms. It was so relexing.

"Hppph!!!" I said grumpily, before diving back under, thinking. I came up, and grinned. I shook myself out again, finding myself dry. I sighed. "One day, I'll find out what you are, Mister Red Eyes." I whispered to the moon.

The End

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