Rose: The BushesMature

"I knew it!" I scream down the phone.

"Rose, don't scream, I'm just here." Willow says at the other end of the phone.

"I can't believe we lost the bet, Thorn always wins." I pout.

"Rose, stop pouting." I hate it when she does that, "Daisy said the same thing, why do you bet against him if you know he'll win?"

"Because it's fun, duh!" I hear her quiet laugh down the other side of the phone. "Looking forward to the dance?"

"Oooh yeah, I can't wait."

"Now now, don't be scarcastic. It's the lowest form of wit - next to puns of course." I state in my teacher's tone.

"Shut up, Rose. You lookin' forward to the dance?"


"I'll take that as a yes."

"Yes you can take that as a yes, anyway, I have to go now, see y' later."

"Bye bye."

"See ya." I hang up, and do my hair, my cheeks are naturally rosy, and I was born that way. Hence the highly imagnitive name. I suddenly find it ironic that my two closest friends are also named after plants. Hmm.

Shake my newly dyed (again), as a request from my sister, Holly. Yes we are Holly and Rose Bush. No, our parents do not hate us, I think. Anyway, my hair is now light pink - not my choice, Holly's.

I slip into my black dress, and put eye make-up on. I never put foundation or anything on, just eye make-up (black eyeliner and mascara or brown pencil eyeliner with brown mascara and light beige eyeshadow.). Today it's black eye make-up time. I place a large black rose - another request from Holly.

I feel Holly at the door, I smile shaking my head and call, "Come in!"

Holly busles in, "Ooh, little Sis, you look lovely!"

"Thanks, Holl." I say, my left sholder goes up in embaressment, I hate it when it does that, luckly I don't really do it around friends, just family. "Come here, have a photo with me!"

She pulls my arm and drags me to her, she lifts her arm up and takes a picture of us, she then examines the photo. "Ahh, this is brill, hello new Facebook picture!"

"Aww, Holl," I whinge. "Don't do that!"

"Why not? You let your friends," she puts her hands on her hips.

"Yeah, but that's because I'm generally the one taking them."

"Rose, you're such a hypocrite, just smile again." I barely have time to pull a smile, when she takes it. She laughs out loud. " caught......between....headlights," she gasps out.

"Great, thanks for that." She laughs harder, snot in her nose. And to think, we come from the same gene pool. A knock at the door saves me and I rush out of my bedroom door, grabbing my black shoes as I go.

The End

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