Wolf: I don'tMature

After Willow walked away I began to think. The Dance is going to disrupted majorely if its saturday good thing I asked. I said going down a secluded path the tree branches seemed to hide me from whatever would be looking for me.

" Hmp that Thorn kid, not exactly normal too this town is interesting."  I said to myself.  I continued up to my house it was empty as usual. 

Clothes for dance I searched my unpacked bags for a nice dress shirt that didn't take to long. Now Since it would be rude to wear a hat how should I hide my unormal red eyes? Contacts? Should be okay, but they suck to wear. After I got the clothes for the dance I began to wonder about that outline and wings. Must be , but can't be. I took out a book and read it till midnight where I fell asleep with the light on.

The End

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