Me and that Wolf kid stood averting our eyes as the girls got dressed back into their normal clothes.

"so how you likeing this place?" i asked him ruffling my messy blonde hair, its blue streak falling over my ear.

He shrugged then glanced quickly over his shoulder towards the curtain Willow was getting dressed behind. "yeah mann its not bad" he crossed his arms and tilted his face forwardd i thought he was yawning then.

i flexed my arms, the muscles contracting, and looked out through the window. i caught my reflection staring back at me. My dark green eyes catching the light, making them look slightly yellow. Suddenly out the corner of those eyes i saw a fluttering of black wings... odd i thought. must be a bird. but my hearing was playing up too. there was a sudden whispering in my ear - i've always had really good hearing, like nearly magical hearing, the things i hear that other people cant, put this was... strange.

i hadnt heard this noise before. i kept hearing the words willow, black and protect her.

i looked over to Rose and tapped her lightly on the shoulder.

"hon' im just guna nip to the book shop, back in 2 secs yeah" i walked out side, my arms folded over my chest. there seemed to be a cold chill in the air. i knew this because i had always been quite hot strangly enough. again? i have amazing hearing and i'm never cold. except for now.

i looked back through the window and saw wolf tilting his head lower as if he'd been watching me. The girls pulled the curtain back and appeared from behind it, willow coming her finger through her hair. i put my black rimmed glasses from my pocket and put them on. i walked back into the shop and the girls seemed to be talking animatedly to each other except for willow who grimaced. Wolf stood behind watching her with a small smile on his face. i pushed my arm around Rose and ruffled my hair again. she smiled up at me (i forgot to say im taller than she is) and i smiled back.

The End

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