Willow: The DressMature

"That's the dress" I stand almost frozen looking at the window. I see Thorn smile slightly trying not to laugh at my reaction. It's just a few minutes after school with loads of glares from Sandy and Rose and Daisy practically dragged me here at super human speed.

"You love this time of year don't you" I whisper at him.

"Always funny to see your expressions" he says smiling wider. I turn to look back at the crystal blue dress.

"You are not putting me in that" I shout turning on Rose. "I agree to wear a dress but that is way to girly"

"But you would suit it so well..... opps" she mutter stepping back. I know what's happening, when I get angry my eyes seem to almost lighten into a crystal blue just like the dress.

"Calm down Willow" Daisy whispers hiding behind Rose. I close me eyes and sigh relaxing my body.

"Please wear it Willow" Rose pleads. I open my eyes and glare at her.

"Fine" I spit but walk into the shop almost moodily.

"You bring the hair stuff?" Rose asks Daisy and I grind my teeth. Stay calm, stay calm.

"Of course" Daisy says. Rose goes to the women at the counter and begins to talk with her.

"You really hate dresses don't you?" I turn to look at Wolf whose seems calm and wondering.

"Yes, but I have to wear one every so often for the dances" I say shrugging.

"I think that one will suit you" he mutters looking at the dress in the window which the women and Rose are getting down. I blush bright red and turn to Daisy.

"Let's get this over with" I mutter and she drags me off to the changing room.

I sit reluctantly in the seat in front of the mirror and close my eyes.

"Prepare for doom" I hear Thorn joke.

"Out" Rose shouts and I hear a bit of shoving and laughing.

About an hour later Daisy steps back. "Ready" she calls to Rose. I change out of my clothes then turn back to the mirror closing my eyes as I do.

"Don't ruin the hair" Daisy squeals.

I keep my eyes closed and hold up my arms after Rose nagging me to. I feel them tug and adjust everything, Daisy getting my hair out from beneath the dress.

"Open" Rose whispers and I hear her step back.

I open my eyes and gasp. "You've got to be kiding me" I almost scream.

"Can I see?" I hear Thorn call.

I yell "No" just as Rose yells "Yes".

"Wow" Thorn whispers stepping through and I glare at him angrily waiting for the laughter. He looks at me and shakes his head smiling. "Can't laugh at this one Girl"

I look at Wolf to see slight shock on his face and I blush turning to the mirror.

"What's with the gems?" I ask Daisy spotting them in my curls.

"They fitted the dress and make your hair almost shine" she says happily.

I sigh. "You're gonna kill us after the dance ain't you?" Rose whispers through her teeth.

"Ohh, big time" I say looking at her smiling.

"Well, we better get you back into your normal clothes and all get home" Daisy says.

"I hate dresses" I mutter.

The End

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