Wolf: Hate those types of peopleMature

A little after mrs gets everthing leaves I hear a scream. I hate people like that its so boring and all stupid drama that really doesn't matter and it usually revolves around the one girl.

" Don't you hate that type of atitude?" I rask rhetorically.

They all gave me nods. I hear the flapping of wings up above. I look up into the heavens. What is that? I though seeing a a faint distoration in the air. It could just  have been a bird but something told me it wasn't.  

" So when does the next bell go off at?" I ask trying to start conversation.

" In a few minutes." Willow tells me.

" It never seems the schools give us enough time for breaks." I commented. 

" Yeah." Thorn agreed 

Then the bell rang.  

"Will I be seeing you afterwards?" I ask

" Perhaps." They replied.

As they left My eyes glowed a little red. No something wasn't right. Even for some like me something was out of place.


The End

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