Noira: Watching.Mature

I watched them sit down not a park bench, smiling, all eating steaming hot chips. I smiled. They were happy. Willow was happy. Then....that slut went over, with her little possy. I made a noise in disgust. She was practically dusted in fake sugar.

I watch the new guy, Wolf, turn her down, and she went into a hissy at him. I smiled gently, watching her leave. I drifted down, and folded my wings, so that they were only visable if you went round the back, or was incredibly tall. I walk alongside them, on opsite sides of the street. They stopped, nd sat on a wall. I crossed over.

"Why were you picking on Wolf and Willow and the others?" I asked sweetly.

"What's it to you, hobo?"

That just burnt me up. She didn't know what I was. I walked on, past them, into the woods slowly. They followed, curious of the black things on my back. I turned to face, them, smiling sweetly. "You girls go. I'll meet you back here in half an hour." said Sandy sourly, not taking her eyes off me. They left, not looking back.

"You were watching us."


"You a stalker?"


"You a hobo?"

"No." I smiled, letting my wings unfurl, towering above me. I flpped them. sending a gus of wind, and lifting me into the air  little. Sandy screamed, and ran. I stopped, landed, and smiled again. I sat down, dipping my bare feet into the cool lake. No one would believe her.

I flew back to the park, back to Willow and the others. Sandy was at the edge of the park with her two followers, frantic expression on her face. I smiled, and continued the watch Willow.

The End

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