Willow: The ParkMature

We sit in the park with our lunch. The Parks directly oppostie the school and we're allowed to go her to eat if your over 15 years of age, which luckily we all are.

I look across at Wolf. "Sure you don't want anything?" I ask again.

He smiles almost micheviously. "Nothing suited my tastebuds" he says and strangely it makes me shiver.

"You can't diss chips mate there gorgeous" Thorn says nicking one of Rose's.

"Hey" she shouts and he just smiles.

"Oh no" Daisy mutters. I turn to look behind me to find Sandy and the Muppets homing in on our location.

I look at Wolf who just seems to be totally ignoring her..... he may not have even noticed her at all from the way his head is tilted towards the floor.

"Hey guys" Sandy says before turning to Wolf twirling her hair round her fingers.. "Hey Wolf"

He looks up and not even a small emotion flickers across his face. I can feel the others staring intently behind me.

"I was wondering..." Sandy continue walking up to Wolf almost casually. "..if you would like to go to the dance with me?"

I hear Rose curse behind me and I feel slight dismay as I drop my head to look at the floor....

"No" At first I thought I heared it wrong but at I look up at Sandy and the Muppets, I know my hearing was correct.

I turn my head and like the others almost gawk at him with shock.

He.... just said no to Sandy.

Sandy the girl every boy in the school want's, the one who no one turns down..... And he did it.

"No" Sandy hisses. "Look pal-"

"Sorry but I don't go for girls who wear tight tops and skinny jeans thinking they're all that" Wolf says calmly.

Silence desends then I hear almost everyone take a deep breath.

"What?" Sandy shouts her face going flushed with rage. "How dare you insult me?"

"Quite easily actually" Wolf says. Oh god he's asking for it.

"You don't know who you're dealing with pal" she hisses.

"Sandy Mcowen, daughter of chief of police and daughter of entrepreneur Heather Mcowen ownere of twenty three night clubs" Wolf says.

Okay, he's good.... Not just I-don't-care-what-you-think-of-me good. The If-you-mess-with-me-you're-gonna-regret-it good.

Silence desends once again. "Girl's we're leaving" Sandy hisses then walks of moodily but still seeming graceful.

"Wow" Thorn mutters.

That doesn't even come close to it. I look across at Wolf and see a look that I didn't think I would find. He's.... relaxed as if that whole scene didn't even affect him in the tinyest.

Who are you?

The End

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