After one of the best science lessons so far this term, we all vacate the room. All of us saying, "Bye, Mr H." Some of the 'popular' guys just say, in there deep tones, "Uh, yeah Mr H, you teachin' us next time as well? Uh."

We all walk out of the science department, Wolf trailing behind Willow - no pun intended. I grab a bobble and quickly tie my - now purple - hair up into a pony tail, which hangs down to the bottom of my sholder blades. I rub the top of my nose, where my glasses once were, my light blue eyes happy to be free at last.

We stroll down to the foyer, meeting up with Thorn and going out into the big bad world to get some lunch. "Where are we all going?" Thorn asks, holding my hand. I look to the others to see what they do. Wolf shrugs, Daisy and Willow glance at each other and then shrug, I turn to Thorn, who also shrugs.

"Does anyone have anywhere persific that they want to go?" I ask as we tread lightly on the soft grass.

"Um, no," Willow says looking defeated.

"How about the chippy?" Thorn asks, a little too hopefully. I smile, shaking my head.

"Alright then, let's go." Wolf says, taking the lead.

"Ooh, look who's got an assertive man," I wink at Willow. She slaps the side of my arm lightly, Daisy laughs.

The End

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