Willow: Teachers NervesMature

"You do like getting on the teachers nerves don't you" I say shaking my head.

"Of course, it's the one thing I plan when I get up in the morning" she says flicking back her hair.

Me and Daisy look at each other fold our arms and shake our heads in unison before bursting out laughing.

"How's you and Thorn then?" Daisy asks and we probably not have leaned as close when Daist asked that question.

"Sheesh, give me some space" she says trying to move back. We sit straight but look directly at her. "Everythings perfectly fine"

"So, you'll deffinetly be going to the winter dance together?" I ask.

"Of course and I have the best dress ever.... Oh my god Willow you have to come with me to this dress shop I found you the perfect dress" she says almost jumping up and down.

"Uh, I don't mind wearing one Rose but do you have to be so enthusiastic" I mutter angry.

"Yes" Daisy and Rose shout at the same time.

"These times of the year our the only time you wear a dress" Rose says shaking her head.

"Or let me do your hair and make up..... you never wear a scrap of make up" Daisy squeals.

"We like dressing you up" They say in unison.

"Uh" I let my head drop to the table and I hear them laugh.

"Have you got a date yet though?" Rose asks.

"Supposedly Jay's gonna ask me...... What do you think Rose?" Daisy says.

"Hmm, I'd say yeah if you don't want a serious relationship"

"Bingo, perfect match" Daisy says. I sit up.

"Whose he?" Rose asks. I turn and look at Wolf whose watching us a smile playing on his lips.

"Oh, Rose this is Wolf, Wolf this is Rose" I say gesturing them in turn.

"Nice to meet you" Wolf says nodding politely.

 I turn back to the others and we gather in a huddle.

"What happened with Sandy and the Muppets?" Rose whispers.

"He supposedly totally ignored them and asked to go with Willow" Daisy whispers.

"No way" Rose gasps.

"Yeah he did" I say still shocked myself. We all turn and look at him quickly turning back when we see his head tilted in our direction.

"You should ask him" Rose tells me. "No, wait for him to ask you"

"What makes you think he'll asks me?" I whisper.

"Cause he wouldn't have dumped Sandy unless he already liked you" Rose hisses likes its totally obvious.

"Right class" we all turn as the deputy head walks in. "I'll be leading your class"

The class cheers and someone shouts 'You Rock Mr H'.

"We have the best deputy head in the world" Daisy says and we all smile at each other.

The End

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